Talisman for Depression and Mental Turmoil

This is a Chitta Shanti Yantra; meaning a Talisman for Mental Peace; useful for people undergoing mental turmoil and depression.  Chitta has been described in Indian Spiritualism as the fathomless unconscious mind. This unconscious mind is the source of the thoughts, memory, feeling and sensations experienced by all humans. The basic human qualities corresponding to the three Gunas; the Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik arise from this source.

Mental turmoil is caused by any disturbing exterior action; like accidents, monetary loss, losing employment, failure in love and many such external actions which affects the mind. This turmoil is at its peak on the surface level and as one starts going deeper and deeper into the mind it starts becoming weaker and weaker; till one reaches the unconscious mind where it disappears. There is absolute clam at the source. This is clam which most Yogis seek; the fathomless calm; where Man and God meet.

A Powerful Indian Talisman to cure mental turmoil and depression
Talisman for Depression and Mental Turmoil

The Yantra given here is to be prepared on a Bhojpatra or White Paper. A mixture of Sandalwood Powder and Kumkum has to be prepared and used as ink. A pointed stick of the Pomegranate Plant has to be used as the writing instrument.

One prepared the Yantra is to be inserted into a Silver Amulet and tied around the neck as a Soothing Talisman.

There is no infusion procedure or specific day or time or any Puja- Archana required for this Yantra.

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  1. does one need pomegranated plant as writing instruments or some other substitute is available, please tell me guruji

    1. Pomegranate [ Aanar] stick is the prescribed writing instrument for drawing this talisman, substitutes are not advised.

  2. Neelji,
    can the numbers to be write only in devanagri or can be write english numericals.
    thanks in advance

    1. The Numbers of the Yantra can be written in English.

    2. Could you please translate this into english numbers for those of us that cannot understand devanagri?


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