Talisman for Removing Illness from House

Many people experience that there is at any given time some sort of recurring illness present in their house. The home simply refuses to be free from sickness and hen for this purpose there in a popular Hindu Talisman; which I have given in this post and will explain the procedure to install it in your home.

Putting this Talisman in the home does not require any energisation process like the chanting of Mantras or Making Offerings. All that the practitioner has to do is to draw it on white paper with red ink and stick that paper on the inside of the main door of the house. When the paper gets damaged remove it and put a new Yantra in its place.

This Yantra is also known to give relief to those suffering from chronic headackes and migraine.

An Indian Talisman for make a home free from disease.

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  1. Dear sir

    I got is talisman in my e-mail today,for how many days do i have to keep it in the house

    Thanking you


    1. It is a permanent Talisman and should be replaced when it gets damaged or soiled.

  2. Sir there is a confusion - is there any letter in the extreme left of the 1st section of the yantra?in other sections two letters.

    1. No there is no confusion the Yantra is prepared exactly as shown in the image.

  3. Respected sir,
    My name is Asha ,there is no peace and happiness in our family sir also one or the other member feels sick and our granny who used to be a brave women has become like a little child crying and gets scared easily, please sir suggest a remedy to our problems. Thank you

  4. Hello Sir,

    Can I take color print out of this Talisman to avoid mistakes. Or only should i write with hand only with red ink. Please suggest.

    1. It is a very simple drawing, you should draw it yourself.

  5. Dear Sir,
    will you please tell me what should be the size of rows and columns?

  6. The size is not fixed, you can draw the talisman taking into consideration the image included in the post as a guideline.

  7. Thank you very much for the reply. will the size of rows and columns doesn't matter to all other yantras specified in your website?


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