Lal Kitab Remedies for Domestic Peace

The Lal Kitab gives some simple remedies for domestic peace and tranquillity in the house. The ones which are the easiest to practice are selected and given below; any one of these 6 remedies can be practised.

1] Divide the First Roti, prepared in your kitchen into 4 equal portions and feed one portion each to a Cow, a Crow and a Black Coloured Dog. The Fourth portion is to be kept in the corner of a room in the house.

2] Every morning on getting up from bed, without brushing your teeth and having a bath; prepare a Roti and then feed it to a Black Coloured Dog with your own hands. After this you can go about your daily chores.

3] While going to bed at night, keep a cup of Milk near your head. In the morning sprinkle this Milk in all the rooms of your house and some outside the main door.

4] Install a Dakshinvarti Shankh and at night fill it with water. In the morning sprinkle the water in the Shankh in all the rooms of the home and some near the front door of the house.

5] Install a 3 Fingers long Parad Shivling in your home.  In the morning make an offering of water to the Shivling and chant the mantra – Om Namah Shivaya; 11 times.

6] On any Tuesday go to a place which populated by Monkeys and feed 5 Kilograms of Chana to them. Do this Sadhana for a total of 16 Tuesdays.

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  1. hello sir. went through your article"Lal Kitab Remedies for Domestic Peace" & have certain queries in relation to it:-
    (1) pl. refer to pt.1 of keeping/giving roti.want to know what to do of the roti that is to be kept in the corner of a room,pl. specify which room & in which direction of the room.
    (2) pl. refer to pt.3 of keeping a cup of milk.kindly let me know whether the milk should be boiled/ raw, metal cup/glass/any other?
    hope to hear from you soon. Thanks with regards.

    1. The roti can be kept in any corner of any room; except the bathroom and toilets; the next day the roti can be removed and thrown away.
      The Milk can be boiled or unboiled and kept in any kind of container.

  2. Namaste,
    I want ur help there is lot of anger, ego and hate in my daughter in law since 6 yrs life of my son and mine is unbearable every month she has fits of above we live in usa April 13 1979 at Kanpur 1:10 son April 24, 1978 Mumbai 6:23 am they have 19 month old baby boy.please suggest some remedies for peace....Thanks..mother.

    1. These paranormal remedies from the Lal Kitab are said to resolve family problems and any one or more of them can be practiced to remove domestic problems.

  3. My brother is not quiting drugs.We use many ways to let him quit drugs.plz help.


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