6 Lal Kitab Remedies for Manglik Dosha

The term Manglik in astrology denotes those who have the Planet Mars; Mangal, in the First, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth and Twelfth House of their Horoscope. Such a person is said to possess Manglik Dosha where the Native experiences problems or obstacles in getting married or if married there is always some sort of marital problem which causes frictions with the life partner.

To negate Manglik Dosha Indian Astrology prescribes that the one possessing such an astrological combination in the horoscope should get married to someone possessing a similar Manglik combination. Also note that there are many other astrological factors which denote whether one has Manglik Dosha and if present; then how much malefic.

The Mystical Indian text the Lal Kitab provides some remedies to minimise and negate the malefic effect of Manglik Dosha.  These are highlighted below for astrology fans. There are in all 6 specific remedies for each of the 6 houses where the presence of Mars is said to cause Manglik Dosha.

1] If Mars is present in the ascendant, the 1st house, then fill Honey in a Mitti Ki Surahi; this is an earthen pot having a lid; normally uses to store water or wine; and bury it  in a remote and unpopulated place.

2] If Mars is present in the 4th house then placing empty Sugar Sacks [empty sacks in which sugar was packed] on the terrace of your home is helpful in negating Manglik Dosha.

4] If Mars is in the 7th house then frequently breaking a Mud Wall [wall built with raw and unprocessed mud] has been recommended in the Lal Kitab.

5] If Mars is situated in the 8th house then heat a Tawa which is used for making rotis and then remove from the fire and sprinkle water over it to make it cold. Practice this remedy as many times as possible.

6] Wearing a Silver Ring in the left hand and gifting Mithai is said to be helpful.

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