Positioning Cash Counter in Feng Shui

The positioning of the Cash Counter has been given some importance in both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra.  The reason is simple; money is the end goal and motivating factor for 99% of all trade and businesses; be it a shop, showroom or any other retail outlet. In this post are 4 such advisories on the ideal location of the Cash Counter.

1] The Cash Counter should ideally located in such a place from where the Cashier can easily visualize all the customers and visitors entering the shop.

2] If positioned in the center of the shop, it is said to be auspicious for increasing the sales of the shop.

3] If possible the Cash Counter should be positioned in a standalone position and not as a part of other counters in the shop.

4]A mirror placed behind the Cash Counter is considered auspicious for increasing the trade and generating cash flow in the business.

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