Use of Bhojpatra in preparing Yantras

Bhojpatra is one term which the readers of this site will be familiar with. Bhojpatras are the thin stripes taken from the bark of the Himalayan Birch Tree and processed to make writing sheets; like handmade paper. Bhojpatra was the most widespread form of paper in the India of ancient and middle ages.

Almost all ancient Hindu religious scriptures were composed on Bhojpatra as as it was probably the only form of paper available in those times.  It was also used to prepare Yantras, hence most texts prescribed that Yantra be prepared on Bhojpatra. This site has also prescribed Bhojpatra for preparing a lot of Yantras. This so because I tried to give only the correct information as derived from ancient Tantras.

The disadvantages of Bhojpatra are that it is hard to procure and expensive outside India. Another disadvantage of Bhojpatra is that it is crisp and can be damaged easily.

There are varied opinions regarding the replacement of Bhojpatra with paper in Yantra making. I am of the opinion that you can most certainly use paper instead of Bhojpatra as Bhojpatra was the ancient counterpart of modern day paper; hence it does not have much significance in the actual potency of a Yantra.

However the rest of the Yantra making process should not be changed as the various specific pastes, mixtures and inks and also the different writing instruments, mostly pointed sticks of a lot of trees have their own significance and contribute to the potency of a Yantra.

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  1. Dear Neelji,

    please clarify, which is the correct side of bhojpatra to write yantra, one side very dark other side kind of white.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Write the Yantra on the smooth or brighter side of the Bhojpatra.

    2. Lighter whiter side..but should be devoid of 'knots'...gathaan of the tree.

    3. Just see the smoother side of the Bhojpatra and write the Yantra upon that side.

  2. writing with astagandha cannot be read after sometime and the powder part of writing/drawing gets dried and falls off the paper or bhojpatra. How to solve this problem? Can just a red ink might be used?

    1. Yes, in my opinion you can use paper and red ink to make a Yantra, unless it is specifically specified that Ashtagandha should be used along with Bhojpatra.

    2. Ashtagandha nowadays are spurious. One of the 'gandha' itself costs a pile and imagine all 8 gandhas are sold for peanuts. How can the color last ? Ever tried village Haldi as compared with commercial Haldi ? You'd know what exactly I mean. :-))

  3. Got a big bhojpatra . Can I cut it into small size. Please reply

    1. can u plz tell wher from u get bhojpatra plz contact me 9414357813

    2. Yes you can. Just take care not to incorporate the knots.

  4. Yantra or mantra to get back money from friends

    1. There is a Kaartveeraarjun Dwaadash Naam Stotram.The
      first two lines are-
      Om Kaartveeraarjuno naam raajaa baahu sahasrawaan,
      Tasya smaran maatren gatam nashtam cha labhyate.
      -Chant atleast one rosary daily of these two lines.

  5. In my humble opinion, paper CANNOT replace a Bhojpatra, as, the lighter color side of Bhojpatra ( devoid of any knots) has it's own rather positive energy which a paper does not have.

  6. Atma Namaste,

    Dear Neel Ji,

    I love Indian culture and the Indian people.

    I'm from Europe. In my country, it is impossible to find Bhojpatra, Ashtagandha, or other ingredients. I can't even buy them because I don't have access to Amazon - in my country Amazon shipping fees are huge.

    Given that BHOJPATRA is a paper made from Indian birch bark, can I use birch bark from my country to write on it?

    Thank you.


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