Numerology of House Address Number

Indian astrology believes that each and every home has it its own and unique numerological frequency; this includes Flats, Apartments, Row-Houses and Independent Bungalows. The number of the house address is one such factor which contributes to the overall sum total of the frequencies.  The reader is advised to remember that the house number is one of the factors and there are other factors involved; which make the sum total.

No. 1 – Numbers – 1, 10, 19 and 28  The House is bought or constructed by hard earned money. There is one dominant person who will pay scant regard for the feelings of others, and the rest of the family members have to abide by his or her wishes.

No.2 – Numbers – 2,11, 20 and 29  The residents of this house are helpful in nature and will go out of their way to come the aid of someone in need.  They are selfless and generous and the house is always open to friends and relatives.

No.3 – Numbers – 3, 12, 21 and 30  People staying in this house are religious, conservative and decent; however they have an envious trait and resent the success of others. The knowledge and education is not fully utilized and there are likely to be monetary shortages. They will recover due to Puja-Path.

No. 4 – Numbers – 13, 21 and 31  These people are normally happy and self sufficient and good at financial balancing. Progress is normally more due to fate; than hard work and effort. They are somewhat eccentric in nature.

No. 5 – Numbers – 5, 14, 23 and 31  There are a limited number of people in this house; however the house is frequented by guests and visitors. They are disliked by a lot of people; however they triumph over their opponents. They are pleasant, ever smiling and straight talking; however they secretly take revenge. They can easily sense the faults of others. The financial position fluctuates. Belief in God helps them fulfil their wishes.

No. 6 – 6, 15, 24 and 33   The residents of this home are always in the grip of some secret worry. There is some sort of illness always present in the house or the residents have to care for an ailing or elderly person. There are financial problems and the number is inauspicious for education and employment.

No. 7 – 7, 16, 25 and 34  This house is not auspicious for the health of the ladies of the house, there is difficulty is diagnosing diseases. There is an invisible energy present in the house, Puja -Path is not done properly and there are obstacles in the worship of the Kuladevta. Expenditure through illness and chances of debts.

No. 8 – 8, 17, 26 and 44  The residents of this house are always under some kind of tension, there are differences among the family members, but they do not voice them. There is always some kind of worship of Shiva, Hanuman or Shanidev; but it is difficult to make the worship fruitful. Difficulty in retaining money and chances of debts.

No. 9 – 9, 18, 27 and 45  Speciality of this house is that arguments and fights breakout at Sunrise and Sunset. Residents behave as per their whims and fancies; independently. There is an addict in the home and this is a cause of worry for all the members. Heavy debts and difficulty in completing education.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    This mean do we have to count the total number of the house?
    i.e if it number is 103 we have to count 4 number.

    1. hi amit,please muje thoda sa explain kare ke aapne number 103 ko 4 kaise count kiya?agar mere ghar ka number 123 hai to mai kaise find out kar sakti hu?mere ko itna samaj nahi laga the obove numerology house address number

  2. Hello sir, went through your article of "Numerology of House Address Number", and liked it.This article has given some new information and has created anxiety to know more through numbers.It would have been much better if u had provided some remedies too along with the information,so that loop holes of various numbers could have been covered.If posssible do send the remedies portion too.
    another thing which i want to know is related to "The Domestic Peace"- i have started the remedy -dividing the roti in 4 portions[one portion to be kept in the corner of the room}-want to know whether the whole roti should be smeared with oil/ghee/or left as it is & after how many days it's effect will be seen ? hope to hear from u soon.Thanks with regards.

    1. This is as mentioned in the article dependant on many factors, the house number is just one of them, and there is no need for anxiety.
      The Roti should be of the kind you normally eat yourself.

    2. sir if door is 49/2 ,212/3 etc.
      pl help to calculat and considr

  3. sir,very intreseting & informative message. pl
    guide us if door no. is exmple 49/2, 212/3 etc.method to calculat.thnx.

    1. 4 + 9 = 13 which is 1+3 =4
      2+1+2= 5
      If the other /2 or /3 number is not the number of the house but a street number it should not be counted.
      If it is then it should be added to the end numbers, which in this case are 4 and 5.

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