14 Lal Kitab Remedies for Scorpio

The Lal Kitab offers 14 advises, specific to the zodiac sign of Scorpio; Vrishchik Rashi; these have been highlighted below for the information of readers and not to induce anyone to follow them or to spread blind faith and superstition among the masses.

1] Keep some Pure Honey and Pure Kumkum in some small Earthen Pots in your residence.

2] Consume some Honey in the mornings.

3] Feed Black Gram to Deer.

4] Never cut or damage a Peepal or Babul Tree.

5] Fast on Tuesdays.

6] Use Red Colored Handkerchiefs, Scarves and Ties as it is said to be lucky for Scorpions.

7] While boiling Milk, take care that it does not boil to that extent, where it starts spilling out from the utensil.

8] Prepare some Rotis of Sweet Jaggery in a Tandoor and give them to Fakirs, Sadhus or Holy Persons to eat.

9] Never take anything from anyone for free; give something in return; no matter how small.

10] One in a while immerse some Honey, Kumkum, Red Rose and Masoor Dal in a flowing water body; like a river or sea.

11] Offer a Prasad of Red Boondis to your favored deities.

12 Always maintain cordial relations with the wife of your brother.

13] Always show respect to your elder brother.

14] Offer Shendur and Clothes to an idol of Hanuman.

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