Super Advanced Robotic Lifeforms

Since the new created pseudo "life" form of super brainy advanced robots did very well, mixed among us, smartly choosing activities predicted to raise appreciation from many of us, settlers became contentedly satisfied having more of them created to be helpfully mixed among us. Many became curious what completely new inventions some of them might devise. Some should surely be interestingly different from what past humans had been inventing and improving.

Such super advanced robots knew that pleasing us would gain them more support to "live" and intelligently and creatively use their good minds among us. They did well selecting activities which won them approving favor from the settlers. This was a good way to have them safely decide future activities and future inventions from possibilities which seemed quite likely to succeed well, while winning them good approval from us.

More such good new created highly capable advanced robotic "life" forms were thus approved to get made to work mixed among us for better futures for us all. It was anticipated that things they invented or spent time working on should at times be interestingly advantageously usefully different from what any settlers had so far been inventing or producing, thanks to such advanced robots' quite different advanced complex fast contemplative computer minds.

Such expectations were indeed sometimes rewardingly fulfilled. What nice differences it sometimes made to have them motivated to select and prefer possibilities which they conceived as likely to ultimately benefit them with our approvals! They seemed better at times than any of our ordinary behavior refinements intensified beyond what our old brain produced types of dopamine turned into extra interests in some classes of a person's recent activities.

Thus it grew better accepted to form more such trial highly advanced great thinking robots. Having originally been conceived to possibly become better at voyaging to nearby stars, to form good orbiting settlements at, such possible expansion of Earth's best life to alien stars got discussed more, even though there really was no need for us to expand out beyond our Solar system. There were hundreds to thousands of good sized available asteroids here between the planets, and also farther out, which future folks could have lots of robotically formed settlements made from and later enlarged, powered by electricity freely converted from wide big enough sunlight energy collecting films or disks.

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