Is Narendra Modi an Avatar

India which is going to be at the forefront in the coming World Climax has a lot of prophecies attributed to her, in the various Centuries of Nostradamus. A lot of them were interpreted by me in past few years; this included the ones related to Narendra Modi.

Though not clear, it appears that some prophecies can be interpreted as meaning that Narendra Modi is an Avatar. An agent of change; the one who triggers off the change from the current political structure to a new and entirely different system of governance. Any agent of change will have immense opposition as those for status quo will see him as a huge threat; the one seeking to destroy their hard earned status.

I have been thinking a lot about the ongoing political changes underway in India. At the moment of writing this article two men are hogging the limelight more than anyone else; Narendra Modi; the would be Prime Minister and Lal Krishna Advani; the road block, as many perceive him to be.

Then there are a couple of yet to be fulfilled prophecies of a bitter; no holds bar rivalry between an old knight and a new one. In the actual fight the old knight is easily defeated. Both Modi and Advani are seen as iron men. However Advani is just one of the road blocks; there are a lot more; within Modi’s party and outside it, which are co-coordinating to keep him out.

They can’t succeed for the simple reason that fate has pushed Modi into a continuous state of lime light; even if he sneezes it becomes prime time. Probably its fate and nothing else which is shaping Modi’s destiny. Whether he is an Avatar or not will soon be clear in the near future.

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  1. Great Article! The Prophecy of Nostradamus and the Vishnu Purana will be fulfilled very soon. India will very soon have a new way of governance, the corrupt and lethargic system will be replaced by one which is dynamic under the leadership of the Honourable Shri, Narendra Modi.
    Shri. Modi is the Avatar of Shri. Ram and will rebuild the lost glory of the Ram Janma Bhoomi.

    1. So funny!!! Modi, avatar of Ram??? Where are the avatars of Sita, Laxman, Hanuman, Ravan then??? Sonia, Rahul, Manmohan... ;-)

  2. Kuch to baat hai narendra modi me jo sabi acha kahte hai.

  3. With Modi the future of India will be decided.

  4. bullshit
    no man is an avtaar, definitely not one who orders death of innocents knowingly assuming cloud cover wont allow fighters to be spotted on radar


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