Different Human Futures in Space

Considered here have been 2 mildly different advanced human futures, especially up in space. In both, starting down on Earth, for desired new born babies, some very progressive parents will do what's needed to quietly gain, (from some nicely capable well advanced human chromosomes genetics experts around the world), ever better developed advanced biologically improved internal cellular &/or genetic modifications good for longer living much reduced aging and much healthier humans.

Predictably such progressive good thoughtful kind loving parents may be expected to sometimes become able to additionally obtain from such human genetics experts a few usable ways to also have themselves nicely internally modified to become at least partially similarly improved. These improved humans will progressively advance, ever more beyond any genetically purely natural humans, into what may become referred to as "moderns".

In either future, moderns, modified beyond simple pure natural genetics humans, (for ever better health with reduced aging), will surely be violently hated as corruptions against God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) supposed Creation of His most Special Designed Soulful Humans, by some intolerant (secretly jealous?) religious conservatives. We can expect laws to be passed around the world outlawing creation of moderns. Any person suspected of having any such internal modifications may then be required to have some cells tested.

Any detected modern may be revealed to the public, (to end up hatefully slaughtered). We already get news reports even weekly of murderous violence aimed against those considered maybe unacceptably different minded, by some intolerant hateful religious conservatives around the world, strongly convinced that only they posess True Full Good Divinity respectful Correctness.

Being a successful past evolving animal species among competing species had required sexual reproduction randomly genetically mixing new inheriting infants from the sexual parents' chromosome pairs before they grew too old. Then such parents would keep aging more after their recent young likewise reproduced. Then finally they had to die, to clear needed room for our newer sexually genetically mixed inheriting generations. (In fact some adult animals helpfully die soon after successfully reproducing.) Otherwise we wouldn't have kept slowly evolving often enough, and would've long ago vanished as an extinct failed species. But we can soon change and advance much beyond those ancient rather random undirected limited genetics rules of nature's evolution game.

This is a guest post. Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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