Secret Settlements on Jupiter Asteroids

Of course any successfully evolving species from Earth animals must keep producing new young. Then as these new young mature able to themselves produce newer young, their parents must die before too long. This usefully leaves properly needed living space etc. opened for their or other matured descendants, a rare few of which will inherit recent rare good lucky genetic mutation accidents, needful for a species to survive better in the future against competing also naturally evolving species. Bisexual reproduction had thus been absolutely critically required to most importantly make many Earth animal species successfully evolve ever better over millennia, to be able to remain long surviving evolving advancing species.

In one possible future I presented, genetically advanced "moderns" may secretly have small asteroid settlements robotically prepared on small Jupiter Trojan asteroids having orbits shifted to briefly secretly swing in near Earth once in 12 years, (altered to very slowly turn only once each orbit, hidden secret by a big front dark Solar energy converting slow spinning disk film). These were able to then receive fresh moderns fleeing Earth. But eventually moderns will decide better will be to have robotically formed far distant secret Fullball 3D balloon worlds to move into out there, orbiting a few selected source asteroids between Jupiter and Saturn, safely undetected far from Earth.

Or in a 2nd described future, 2 space settlements may be formed simply orbiting high around Earth, accepting generally more liberal minded approved settlers. Any moderns fleeing out to there will most cautiously be kept secret, to avoid having any Earth religious conservatives possibly hear about any of them definitely being up there, to then hatefully decide they should mercilessly try somehow destroying such high orbiting settlements.

This alternative 2nd future suggests at most 2 major settlements for a while, both orbiting high around Earth. One is a trial early robotically prepared big cylinder multilevel settlement, (people above, farms below), made from what's tossed here from a selected good sized source asteroid. Then as it is successfully filling, a bigger efficient 3D spherical Fullball balloon world is started, which can later be robotically expanded in stages, eventually able to hold all humans, and even more!

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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