Super Brainy Artificial Life Forms

New devised advances for super capable complex computer minds, in the most highly advanced trial new robots, included quite easily eliminating well our old past worries about letting super advanced brainy robots become too able to selfishly too totally self-modify their mental programing. Such new super advanced brainy robots, able to compare results predicted from future possible activities, would raise mental satisfactions when acomplishing things good for us too, while they would conversely avoid things predicted to raise resentments from too many of us.

Such deep careful realistic predictions analyses, covering future choices possibilities, would exceed simpler human ways of frequently thinking some about what might be good to decide to do next. And this should become better than just our simpler ancient evolved brain produced dopamine forms ways to raise our interest in helpful things to be done more, (such as for good tasting meals and for nicely rewarding sex which has kept us a good evolving species, surviving well vs. competing species).

Such super brainy advanced artificial life forms should be created able to frequently consider and analyze in depth a quite broad variety of interrelated possible future activities, thanks to having been well designed having ever better united excellently made highly capable fast thinking well devised superb artificial "brains".

The best designers of all this thus decided not to quit with the two earlier trials. They very much wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to program all the best of this into additional trial super advanced brainy robots very safe to then have living frequently peacefully mixed among us. So they had another trial pair produced, tested, then fully activated. The daily living choices of such trial new robots showed again and again that their advanced robotic brainy method of evaluating what things to devote themselves to, (good sometimes for many of us around them), caused them to stay not only quite safe to have mixed among us, but also to then be choosing various things in selected good ways which many folks appreciated.

The high orbiting settlers found their good successes most interesting. All which needed to be done for this great improvement was to give such advanced robot brains good programing to have them predict what activity choices should result in approval by us. Such robots would sensibly prefer to do things in ways we should quite predictably appreciate.

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