Expanding Mind Power in Future

By now, what had been ever more progressively evolving the most for us, (our expanding knowledge aspects of our existence, instead of merely rare old style biochemical occasional lucky genetic accidents over thousands of years), has increasingly been our wide spreading verbal advancement of inventive concepts, to nicely exploit expanding very useful created technology far beyond and outside of simple plain old raw nature.

Very useful to us now are things far beyond simple raw evolved biology, such as houses, electric lighting and tools, TV, electronics, computers, motor vehicles, etc. But of course none of these arise from simple old cellular natural genetic evolution. We've been developing into remarkable masters, by now advanced far beyond any other animals, spreading wide our verbally expressed ever more advancing technology and progressively evolving and nicely expanding very useful knowledge bases.

Yes, we humans have been progressively evolving very differently from all other life forms, (by learning so much as we grow up and mature) turning us into a much superior ever more advanced species, thanks to our easily wide spread new nongenetic feature: our verbal languages communications, (exploiting our good brains having extensive memories superior for holding and using many details). And then genetically self-altering "moderns" had abandoned old natural style genetically random mating. They had instead switched to specially modified new improved genetic descendants, beyond old simple random evolution, to gain increasingly good ever more healthy longer living even age frozen lives.

Nothing else on Earth could begin to compete so very speedily in many new ways, many quite complex! Our great mental evolution of high-tech advanced inventions had by the last century even allowed safely protected well educated humans to depart off Earth to new devised robotically formed settlements good for many thousands to billions! We have advanced able to take safe trips through the frigid cold space vacuum to visit Luna, or in the future go to Mars. Evolution, simply genetic in other animals, could never even begin to compete!

Thus it's to be expected that future human experts in super advanced mental states for super advanced robots, would think over more, and debate what limits on creative beings, mixed among us, might be safely wanted, better for advancing our progress. Many humans might benefit from new unique mental creations from maybe super advanced mental robots, made able to think creatively, patterned on our mental natures. Who should object if some good useful new inventions began originating from new great thinking robots? This could often be quite helpful, not competitive against us.

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