Significance of Om Namo Narayanaya Namah Mantra

The popular and famous Vishnu Mantra, Namo Narayanaya Namah || - ॐ नमो नारायणा नमः || has great significance and is considered to be a simple and straight forward; yet most important of the Hindu Satvik Mantras. The one, who has mastered this Mantra, is said to go straight to Vishnu Lok after death.

This Mantra is said to open the gateway of Moksha, Saubhagya, Dhan and Dhanya [Liberation, Fortune, Wealth and Food Grains]. What more can one want in life; other than these four wants?

The Mantra has to be chanted 1 Million times for it to take effect and be mastered. It is said to be of special importance to women as the domestic environment becomes full of bliss and contentment and all domestic wants are met.

It is said to be even more beneficial if an infused Mahalaxmi Yantra is kept in the Puja Place and the chanting is done in front of this Yantra. While doing this Prayog, I would advise you to apply some scent on the Yantra and your body.

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  1. Namo Narayana is not a mantra. It is nam chanting. This is exactly required for the people of Kali yug. This great mantra is actually the real element i.e. vibration of God Vishnu (our soul), resides in our heart.His devotion is to worship him or pray him through his element vibration. So when one chant this he will get perfect 'vibration' in his system.
    Like wise Namah Shivay is the mantra of Power and not the vibration which addressed to Lord shiva. The Power God, not the god of Vibration.

    1. Enlightening. Thank you, this information has made me wiser.

  2. श्रीनरसिंहपुराण के सतरहवें अध्याय में "ॐ नमो नारायणाय अष्टाक्षर माहात्म्यं "का वर्णन है .यह
    मन्त्रों में उत्तम मन्त्र है .जन्म संसार बंधन से मुक्त होता है .एकाग्र मन से ,चित्त में विष्णु का ध्यान करते हुए जप करें मन्त्र के ऋषि नारायण स्वयं हैं ,देवी गायत्री छंद है ,परमात्मा इसके देवता हैं .
    सर्वार्थ साधक ,स्वर्ग मोक्ष फलप्रद ,सर्व पापहर मन्त्र है,जिसकी ३६ श्लोकों में प्रशंशा की गई है .

  3. I have got an immimmedi response from this mantram

  4. Sir pls reply which one is the real, Om namo Narayanaya Namah or Om namo Narayanaya ?? I m bout to begin the mantra

    1. Choose the version which suits you best.

    2. *ॐ नमो नारायण* ही अष्टाक्षर मंत्र माना गया है। अतिरिक्त नमः लगाने की आवश्कता नही है।

  5. Can i chant this mantra at home


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