Narendra Modi versus Secular Hindus

The secular Indian; read Hindu is one of the most pitiable and pathetic creatures on the surface of this world. The secularism versus communal debate has been the flavour of the past decade or so. It now picks up and will gain more and more momentum and peak as we reach the 2013 or 2014 General Elections. The obvious warring factions; Narendra Modi and a cross sections of secular Hindus; many of them do not know how to pronounce the word secular.

On the deeper Spiritual side; the war between Nature and its Mutations has commenced; at first in India and will in the near future engulf the whole world. Hinduism as this site has stated time and again is the Natural Flow of Life and Man Made Religions, the Mutations which hinder and block the Natural Flow of Life.

Nature is asserting itself and has taken control of the minds of the rabid elements in the Hindu Religion and is leading them and along with them others towards a course of self destruction. This can be easily gauged by the statements of the rabid elements and how emboldened they have become.

Hinduism will never ever be destroyed for the simple reason that the Natural Flow of Life can never be blocked forever;one day the floodgates have to burst open. The Mutations have outlived their shelf life and it is now the turn of Nature to have its say. Is Narendra Modi one of the tools of Nature? Very soon we will know. Indian Wisdom says that the Natural Evolutionary Growth of Man will never cease; the Mutations will.

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