Will Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister?

Everything seems to be happening in India, almost at the same time, the scams being uncovered on a daily basis, political rivalry and enmity, natural disasters, price rise and spiraling inflation, unprecedented rise in crime and a desperate law and order situation. This coupled with lack of governance; make one think if India is heading towards some sort of climax.

In the midst of all this one question is being repeated over and over again; Will Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister of India?

India or most of it appears to be divided into two camps; for Modi and against Modi. This naturally makes one wonder, what is it that makes Modi evoke such extreme reactions?

If one looks at all these extreme reactions from a deeper angle, then it becomes clear that the cries for Modi for Prime Minister are the manifestation of the hopes and aspiration of one of the two camps; desperate for change. On the other hand the second camp, which is against Modi, is the one which wants Status Quo and this includes the likes of Advani and Sushma Swaraj and the other conspirators in the BJP who are coordinating with the Congress and others to stop Modi.

In a way Narendra Modi represents the have nots.The have nots also include the favourite whipping boy of the political class the marginalized Hindu. The haves; like the Gandhi family and Advani who have the world at their feet, will do everything to stop Modi. Who will win in the end? It has to be the have nots, if they don’t then chaos will regain supreme.

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