Future of Narendra Modi

This is a post on the future probabilities in the life of Narendra Modi. Modi being the most important factor in Indian politics for the past few years can hardly be ignored. Extreme views are voiced in his case; either you like him or hate him; very few in between.

Narendra Modi is as per Indian Astrology going through the dreaded period of Sadesati. Many have predicted that it is this factor which will hinder his chances of becoming the Prime Minister of India. Saturn is that crucial factor which defines a persons rise in life; more than any other planet.

Here it is clear that Modi is heavily under the influence of Saturn for the past decade or so; ever since the Gujarat riots of 2002. His opponents have dubbed him as a certified communalist and their single point agenda is to never let the Indian public forget it. This is the doing of Saturn; it teaches you long term lessons and this is what is happening to Narendra Modi’s life, over and over again in the course of the past decade.

Modi’s Horoscope has Saturn in the 10th house; the midheaven, where Saturn is at its most powerful. If one goes strictly by astrology, Saturn in the 10th house is more responsible than any other factor for; sudden or dramatic elevation of the native in life. Such a person overtakes all his seniors or superiors in one single stroke.

Saturn teaches you the most valuable lessons in life, which you will never forget and the same is true of Narendra Modi. He has emerged as a much stronger man after being the target of not only his political opponents but also the hidden enemies in his own party. Saturn also gives you strength to take drastic decisions and emerge victorious.

Ironically being singled out as a communalist might turn out to be Modi’s biggest advantage. As he is the only one who can polarize the coming 2014 general elections to such an extent that it could wipe out not only his opponents but also the hidden enemies in his party; and he knows who they are and what they are up to; Saturn gives you that gut feeling.

However as regards the “Rajyog” of Saturn in the 10th house there are no half measures; if Modi has to succeed he has to take drastic decisions. He has to do what his heart tells him to do.

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  1. Interesting analysis of Narendra Modi. But one question, if Saturn is ruling his destiny, he still is the CM for the third time. Not bad. Wish we all had it. Good analysis though. Hope he can become the PM and do something good for the country.

  2. Modi is the one and only hope for the BJP, his enemies are obliviously in his own party and actively colluding with the Congress and Nitish kumar and the JDU to paint Modi as untouchable and communal to isolate him.
    If they do not make him their leader now, it will be a walk over like the previous two General Elections.

  3. Dear Sujata Narendra Modi is not only the only hope for the BJP, But for all the Hindus in India; oppressed and exploited as an Majority in their own country.
    Almost anyone has the right to humiliate and insult Hindus and the Hindu religion.
    If the agents of the Gandhi Dynasty succeed in getting their agents in the highest echelons of the BJP to stop Modi from being Prime Minister, it is certain the scion of the Dynasty Rahul Gandhi will become Prime Minister of India.

  4. It is fated that Hinduism will rise again from the brink and its old glory will be restored.
    Hindus and Hinduism can never be wiped out the dynasties will perish into the ground as all the dynasties who sought to destroy Hinduism have done in the centuries gone by.

  5. Most of you prophecies and future predictions on Modi and India have turned out to be true.


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