Theme for India's 64th Republic Day

The theme for this Republic day is “Sakam Karma “; this is all action for the welfare of me, myself, my family and my dynasty. This is the exact opposite of “Nishkam Karma”; selfless service

The grand spectacle of India's 64th Republic will no doubt be as magnificent as it is every year; the parades; the cultural floats amidst the patriotic songs. This occasion; a public holiday gives most educated people having some reasonable employment an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the festivities.

But do really all Indians celebrate? Do the people facing starvation and malnutrition or those dying due to lack of Medicare really know about the Indian Republic Day festivities? Do they have anything at all to celebrate? I do not want to sound pessimistic and spoil the joy of this great occasion, but why close your eyes from the hard facts of life. This is a Spiritual site and those who hide and pretend not to see the world around them go nowhere.

The ones who will really be celebrating are the ones who are the real success stories of the Republic; the handful of political dynasties spread all over India, those who replaced the Maharajahs and the British and the less than 1% of the population which feeds on their leftover like all model parasites. Of the 99% “Outsiders” 10 or 15%, as said above a chance to celebrate with their friends and families.

As we enter another crucial period in the Kali Yuga the golden words from the Bhagavad-Gita “You have the right to the work you choose, but not to the fruits of that work.” Must never ever be forgotten. What is being witnessed in India is “Sagar Manthan” the churning process; the darkest entities will come to the fore. This is the natural evolutionary cycle; nothing to be alarmed off; it has to come and will pass.

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