Prayer for New Delhi Gangrape Incident

India steps into 2013 in the aftermath of the New Delhii gang rape and murder incident. This gruesome incident in which the victim was not only raped, but murdered in a most foul manner, with 95% of her intestines pulled out of the body; is indicative of the evil which is manifesting itself at regular intervals, in the form of such incidents.

The outrage this incident sparked off is still continuing. The New Year celebrations were either muted or cancelled to show solidarity with the victim; who is now a rallying point for those campaigning for tougher laws. I don’t know what tougher laws are going to achieve, the current laws are more than sufficient to deal with all crime.

It not the laws but the people who frame and implement them that matters. Laws can restrict evil; but do they remove it from the minds of the evil doers? . To remove the dominance of evil which has the Indian society in its vice like grip; one can only dream of divine intervention.

I am reminded of a prayer from the Atharva – Veda, which I dedicate not only to those who raped and murdered the victim; but to those who are engaged in the unending process of raping India; not only of its women; but resources.

I call upon the Gods to purify me, let all purify me with a prayer.
Cleanse me of all impurity! May the Prana make me pure.
May the Prana make me pure and grant wisdom, the purpose of life and uninterrupted security.
Oh God! Press out the impurity from me, so that I can really see.

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