Indian Revolution

The cycle of generation and regeneration is an unchangeable fact of existence. This is a continuous process which is always happening all over the universe; our world is no exception to this basic law of nature.

The destruction of might empires is a tiny occurrence compared to the destruction of galaxies and solar systems which is always happening at some place in time.The world has witnessed a large number of such seemingly unshakable empires and dynasties bite the dust.

Here in this section I speak about India. India as we enter 2012 is in a state of transition and change. The chain reaction of generation through regeneration commenced some time back, 2012 and beyond is a crucial period of time for India; it is a time of change and revolution.

As an impartial observer I find that the present system of governance in India has decayed and is beyond repair. This fact has been evident for at least three decades now. Every passing year a new low is reached and the bar is lowered.

This site has been studying these incidents with great unbiased interest and has interpreted lot of the prophecies of Nostradamus, the Bible and the Hindu prophecies, which indicate that we are due for change in a big way.

In the course of the past few years based on unique research some most relevant articles have been published by this site. This space will be updated as and when new evidence is found. Readers of this site are requested to contribute their knowledge to this section of the Indian Revolution.

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