These are some of the quatrains of Nostradamus, which have been applied by everyone as a description of the French Revolution. I disagree completely with this view; my reasons are that if one observes all the quatrains of Nostradamus describing France, then it is evident that he names cities, towns, landmarks and even proper names that those unfamiliar with France will not understand. This is understandable because Nostradamus was French and he was quickly able to put his finger on what he saw.

These quatrains, which are universally acclaimed as those describing the French Revolution do not describe any places or landmarks, Hence it is clear that Nostradamus was describing a country, which he did not know about.

If one studies these Quatrains, then it becomes clear that a new country which is a Republic, will be let down by its people who are seen by Nostradamus as headless and idiots, who will pray to something which they think is holy and divine. Here Nostradamus says that the Reds and whites will rule wrongly, which implies that political parties with a white or red or a variant of red like orange caps will rule wrongly.

There will come a leader who will expose these rulers for what they are, their frauds will be exposed and the population which was enslaved by these persons, will demand their heads. This Revolution will be a bloody one, as the rulers will have to pay dearly for their misdeeds.

Century I-Quatrain 3
Quand la litiere du tourbillon verѓee,
Et ѓeront faces de leurs manteaux couvers,
La republique par gens nouveaux vexйe,
Lors blancs & rouges iugeront а l'enuers.
When the litters are overturned by the whirlwind and faces are covered by cloaks, the new republic will be troubled by its people. At this time the reds and the whites will rule wrongly.

Century I-Quatrain 14
De gens esclaue, chansons, chants & requestes
Captifs par Princes & Seigneur aux prisons
.A l'aduenir par idiots sans testes,
Seront receus par diuins oraisons.
From the enslaved populace, songs, chants and demands, while Princes and Lords are held captive in prisons. These will in the future by headless idiots be received as divine prayers

Century VII.--Quatrain 14
Faux exposer viendra topographie,
Seront les cruches des monuments ouuertes :
Pulluler secte, faincte philosophie,
Pour blanches, noires, & pour antiques vertes.
He will come to expose the false topography, the urns of the tombs will be opened. Sect and holy philosophy to thrive, black for white and the new for the old.

Century II.--Quatrain 30.
Vn qui les dieux d'Annibal infernaux
Fera renaistre effrayeur des humains
Oncq plus d'horreur, ne plus pire iournaux
Qu'aduint viendra par Babel aux Romains.
One who the infernal gods of Hannibal Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind Never more horror nor worse of days In the past than will come to the Romans through Babel

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  1. Hi Prophet.
    Century I-Quatrain 3
    He could be talking of the USA red&white stripes in the flag,faces covered with cloaks,might be the Ku Klux klan.

  2. Century Quatrail 3 explains Turkeys situation.When Nostradamus was living the most powerful empire was Ottoman Empire.The new republic means Turkey.White is Erdogans white party.The faces covered by cloaks means islamic is opposite partys flags.And day by day Ataturks Republic is changing to an islamic empire again.Probably Nostradamus explained that.May be who knows.. :)


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