Yantra to Call Back Loved One

The Yantra given in this post is a Navnath Yantra Sadhana to call back a loved one who has gone away to another city , country or to a far off place and there is no physical contact with that loved one. The loved one mentioned here can be an ex-lover, a son, daughter, husband, wife or any other love one whom the practitioner is desperate to be united physically. Given below is the method of practicing this experiment.

The Vashikaran Yantra as shown in the image can be prepared on a piece of paper, using black ink, on any day. Then, after the Yantra has been prepared, the practitioner should chant the Navnath Mantra- जय श्री चैतन्य मच्छिंद्रनाथाय, जय श्री चैतन्य गोरखनाथाय || - Jai Shri Macchhindranathaya, Jai Shri Gorakhanathaya || 108 times.

After chanting the Mantra, the Vashikaran Yantra should be duly worshipped with offerings of Dhoop/Deep/ Diya and some scented flowers.

After this, the Vashikaran Yantra must be tied with a string to any small metal utensil [Bartan] and the utensil should be tied to a Door-Nob or Handle [Khunti] in the house.

The same Vashikaran Yantra experiment can be used to locate a lost animal, like a pet or domestic cattle. The only simple variation is to tie the prepared Yantra to the handle of the door when the animal stays, like the doghouse, birdcage or cattle pen or enclosure.

Indian Occult Voodoo Love Spell Yantra to Call Back Loved One
Yantra to Call Back Loved One

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  1. sir i have prepared it for my husband to get back him.i wrote the yantra with a black pen and did puja and tied my copper ring and also metal key to the door handle.is it ok sir and how many days result comes sir

    1. You have performed the Yantra Prayoga correctly, have faith it will do what is best for you.

    2. Hiii,baagyasri mehar, did you get your husband back with this yantra method, its february now.

    3. Ya i m also keen to know that

  2. What to do if the desired person comes back

  3. Any experience of this yantra working successfully

  4. Dear sir, actually i love one girl i didn't know here name how can i attract her she looks me but when I going to interact she didn't talk she playing a game I am so much suffering

  5. Sir plz give power full remedies


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