Remedies to Negate ill effects of Ketu

The remedies given here in this post are Totke to negate the ill effects of a malefic Ketu [South Node] in a Horoscope. These are generalized remedies to ward of the ill effects of Ketu. These remedies are based upon the numerous remedies to rectify planetary ill effects given in the Lal Kitab.  The practitioner can select one or more of these remedies and practice them if he has been badly affected by a harmful Ketu.

1] Feed Dogs some Chapattis or Bread for 43 days continuously.

2] Donate White or Black Sesame Seeds.

3] Weave a Silver Coin in a Silk Thread and wear it as a Talisman around the neck.

4] Donate a rug, blanket or a carpet to a Mandir or a religious place.

5] Wear a Silver Ring.

6] Worship Shri Ganesha with faith and sincerity.

7] Worship Kaal Bhairav with regularity.

8] Make an offer of Rice on a Banana Leaf to Kaal Bhairav.

9] Fast on Trayodashi Tithi.

10] Offer a Diya of Pure Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter] in a Mandir every day in the evenings.

11] Donate Sugar to a Brahmin or a Priest.

12] Touch the feet of the parents in the mornings and evenings and seek their blessings.

13] Offer Til Ladoos [Ladoos made from Sesame Seeds] to married women.

14] Use a Green Colored Handkerchief.

15] Offer unmarried women Sweet Curds and Sheera on Sunday.

16] Break a piece of ice into four parts and immerse them in a flowing water body, like a river.

17] Sleep on a Bed and not on the floor.

18] Tie a White Colored Silk Thread on the wrist, like a Talisman.

19] Wear Gold Earrings, or any other Earpiece, including a simple Gold wire on the ears.

20] Eat food and foodstuff, which has Kesar [Saffron].

21] Wear a Panch Dhatu Ring [ring made from an amalgation of five different metals].

22] Donate Bananas. Wheat. Jaggery and gold, wrapped in a Yellow Colored cloth to a Brahmin or Priest.

23] Apply a Tilak of Yellow Sandalwood on the forehead.

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  1. Respected Sir,

    Point no.8 offer rice to Lord Kaal Bhairav, kindly let me know if we need to offer boiled rice, curd rice or raw rice.


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