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Traits in Women from the Eyes

This is a most interesting Indian Tantra which is said to indicate and predict the traits and inherent qualities present in a woman from the size, shape and color and movement of her eyes. This Tantra is practiced by astrologers and face readers to predict the future; as also the unique traits which are present in most women. However don’t take it very seriously; as there are numerous other factors which determine the fate of humans .

Devi Mantra for Sadness

Today I am giving a really useful Devi Mantra for sadness. This is a Shakti Mantra which is chanted to invoke the Mother Goddess, to remove sadness, negativity and grief; due to money problems , lack of wealth or any other kind of material property and resources. This mantra was given to me by a very saintly person, who practices Satvik Tantra Vidya and was assured that it is most effective.

Physical Stimulators of the Future

New planned modern males up in the high settlements were even nicely given recently found ways able to have them, as they matured, enjoy becoming superior good fond sensual physical simulators . Even skillful special developed fond hand caressing over special sensitive good places could happily give well enjoyed good pleasure rewards to their new beloved mates.

Chitrini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

Chitrini has been commonly described in ancient Indian Tantra as a specific kind of woman; having strong artistic qualities. There are some rare texts which I came across, that describe Chitrini as a Yakshini. A specific mantra to attract the Chitrini Yakshini is given here. If you succeed and the Yakshini comes under your attraction spell, then she is said to shower money and all kinds of wealth upon you.

What is Nirvana

The ancient Indian scripture the Katha Upanishad gives a very interesting comparison between the various human qualities and goes higher and higher to explain what is “Nirvana”; the final liberation of man. The wordings have a deeper and profound meaning which will be useful to the layman striving for ultimate peace .

Gorakhnath Vashikaran Mantra - 2

This is a most powerful Navnath love mantra . This mantra can be used by both males as well as females to attract members of the opposite sex. This is said to be a Siddha Sadhana where Mastery over the mantra is not essential, however as time and again indicated, such Sadanas are for the experienced practitioners of the Vashikaran Tantra.

Mantra to remove worms from wounds

This is mantra to remove worms from wounds worms from wounds . It is a fact that sometimes wounds lead to infections of various types and germs and bacteria and also worms; especially maggots infect the wound. This causes pain, discomfort and tension to the poor sufferer. Ancient Indians had an antidote in the form of special Navnath Mantras to remove the worms and infections from wounds. Wounds were more common in the Middle Ages due to sword fights; as swords, spears and knives were the main weapons in those times.

Mantra to Heal Sore Throat

This is a specific Shabar Healing Mantra which was practiced in the early middle ages in India to treat sore throats. This mantra dedicated to Guru Gorakhnath is part of the Navnath Mantra Vidya. The Sadhana is commenced by sitting next to a well located in the Southern direction from where you reside. The Sadhak first seeks the blessings of Guru Gorakhnath and then takes a blade of grass in his right hand and infuses it by chanting the mantra I have given here.

Navnath Annapurna Mantra Sadhana

Today would like tell you about the Shabar Navnath Annapurna Mantra Sadhana to always keep your kitchen full of food and food grains. Food is the single most valuable resource on the earth; you can live and survive with gold or diamonds; but not without food. This Sadhana is known to attract the Goddess of Food; Annapurna Devi into your life; if you succeed in your endeavor your kitchen will never be empty for this is a most powerful Sadhana.

Ganesha Mantra Sadhana if you are unsuccessful

This a potent and effective Ganesha Sadhana to practice if you are unsuccessful in whatever you try. The layperson can try this Sadhana as it is Satvik in nature. Early in the morning after getting up and having a bath; face the rising Sun and offer some water to the Sun. Then take a raw cotton thread and hold it in your hand and chant the Ganesh mantra given below.

Paranormal Remedy to increase Ancestral Property

If somehow you are getting the feeling or even experiencing that the value of your ancestral property, holdings or legacy is declining, instead of increasing; a specific paranormal remedy practiced in India to increase ancestral property is given here.

Vashikaran Yantra for Enemy

It is much better to attract someone and make him amicable towards you than to harm him; even if he is your enemy. Most people have all and every kind of enemy problems; especially for this purpose is given a Vashikaran Yantra; a powerful attraction charm, to charm your enemy. Even though the procedure is simple this Yantra is for the advanced Sadhak and not for the layman.

How the Human Aura really works

This a continuation of the earlier post; which describes the looks and shape of the Human Aura ; the Human Aura is affected continuously by the outside as well as the internal energies. The internal energies generated by the body are primarily the thoughts, memories, sensations, feelings and the words uttered by the body. These inner energies normally react to the influence of the exterior ones. There is a continuous and unending interplay between these two and the shape and looks of the Human Aura are in a continuous state of change.

Sex of humans will be chosen in the future

Moderns off Earth felt safe to begin equalizing the numbers ratio between the sexes , since up here none would be sought out to be killed by a few of Earth's too proud insistantly violent hateful religious conservatives, who so greatly hated the (mostly male) developers of advanced genetics (for moderns). Thus no need to produce more females, as if to replace past Earth killed moms and their children. Up here there were enough matured surviving females with also surviving children easily able to keep their population of good advancing moderns thriving.

Shabar Gorakhnath Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Shabar Gorakhnath Vashikaran Mantra. This mantra is to be used for sincere and pure purposes only as is the case with most Navnath Mantras. This is one of the mantras which Shabar Vidya says uses the most powerful energy and hence is to be used with utmost caution and not for fun or for the purposes of conducting experiments.

What the Human Aura really looks like

We exist in an ocean of energy, known as the Universal Energy Field. This energy field contains all the known and unknown; manifested and un manifested energies in the Universe. Sound Waves, Radio Waves, Electromagnetic Waves coexist everywhere, at the same time. All these Waves are constantly bombarding us, all the time.

Evil - Eye Charm for Children - 2

Indian Tantriks prescribe some preventive paranormal remedies to ward off, prevent and remove the effects of Jadu Tona [Black Magic] and the Evil Eye [Buri Nazar]. Children being the most susceptible to such malefic energies and activities by practitioners of Blackmagic and malefic Tantra are prescribed special Charms. In this post I am giving a special Charm to secure children from what is described above.

Gorakhnath Mantra Sadhana for Success

This is an easy; yet most powerful Gorakhnath Mantra Sadhana for Success in any venture; including Vashikaran, getting respect, job interview and business. This Sadhana is especially suitable for the common man; the layman. However kindly note that this mantra Sadhana will not work for malicious or hateful purposes. Before the commencement of any work or venture the chanting of this mantra for 3 Mala or 324 chants is said to ensure success in that venture.

Powerful Navnath Yantra to increase Business

This is a powerful Navanath Shabar Yantra; dedicated to the first Guru; the great Yogi, Machindranath . This Charm comprising of letters, attracting a unique vibration is used in India to increase any kind of business; including trade and industry. This Yantra is useful’ not only for sick businesses; but also for those businesses which are thriving, to thrive more.

Paranormal Remedy to go Abroad

Many young people; the world over; especially in India dream of travelling to foreign countries and staying, working or settling there permanently. Hence a unique Hindu paranormal remedy is given here. for those who believe that such remedies really work; and want to go abroad. This is said to be a Siddha Prayog; take the blessings of your Kuldevta or Kulpurush before commencing this remedy. If you do not know who they are then you can seek the blessings of Shiva .

Gayatri Mantra for Freedom from Unwanted Work

This is specific use of the Gayatri Mantra for freedom from unwanted work or duties. Many people are unnecessarily burdened with some or the other unwanted duties thrust upon them; such people can practice this Sadhana to get rid of these duties, which they unwillingly perform and are helpless to stop them.. This mantra can be found HERE .

Vashikaran Mantra Using Water

There are numerous and diverse kinds of Vashikaran Sadhanas and Tantras; mentioned in a wide range of Indian scriptures, which make the use of different kinds of elements by infusing them with specific vibrations. In this post is given a specific Vashikaran Mantra by which you can enchant and attract people simple by sprinkling infused water on them.

Gorakhnath Travel Protection Mantra

Today I am writing about a most unique and powerful Shabar mantra specifically for protection during travel; especially long journeys and voyages, which are life threatening and dangerous. I think this one will be most beneficial to the devote readers of this site. This is a Navnath Mantra which seeks protection from the great Master Guru Gorakhnath from each and every kind of danger; including troubles from thieves and dacoits; during the course of the journey.

Robotically mined deserts in future

For the few proposed new products to begin being made in Earth wasted lands deserts, (not competing much with old conventional manufactured products), some high orbiting settlers, (secretly moderns), decided to also have several raw materials robotically mined and refined from a selected few not too high semi-mountainous regions, materials which past humans had needed to somewhat expensively dangerously mine from old deep mildly risky mines. Not many Earth folks objected. This would in fact yearly save a few miners from bad or even fatal accidents.

Yogini Doll Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Yogini Vashikiaran Mantra which invokes the Yogini in the name of the great saint and Master Guru Gorakhnath to attract any person and put that person under a strong spell of attraction. This is a Navnath Shabar Vashikaran Mantra, these mantras have been composed in the spoken language of the early middle ages and hence translation into English may differ from the traditional style.

Popular way of invoking Hanuman

An extremely popular and common way in India before embarking upon some important work or journey is to seek the blessings of Hanuman to protect you from any dangers you might face during the course of the voyage.

Shabar Mantra to reverse black magic spells

This is a powerful and potent Shabar Mantra to reverse black magic spells and send them back to the one who is originally practicing them on you. This is Navanath Shabar Mantra for the protection of the self and loved ones from all kinds of black magic spells and paranormal practises like Jadu Tona, harmful and dangerous Aghori Mantras, Yantra and Tantra.

Mantra for Separated Lovers

A large percentage of the visitors of this site are young men and women and the most common request I get are – “I am separated from my lover/ husband /wife, I want him/her back, please help me, I am desperate, please save my marriage ”. For these people I am giving a mantra for separated lovers.  Those wishing to reunite with their separated lover/wife or husband can try this mantra.

Mantras for Concentration and Focus

Two short mantras for improving concentration and focus are given here. The first one is a Saraswati mantra; dedicated to the Goddess of learning and the second one is from the Garuda Purana; an ancient Indian text dedicated exclusively to the teachings Vishnu imparted to Garuda; the King of the bird kingdom.

Mantra Sadhana for Sade Sati

This is a remedy to negate the ill effects of Sade Sati ; the dreaded transit of Saturn in the Horoscope. This Sadhana involves the use of a Shani Mantra. This Sadesati Nivaran Sadhana has to be practiced for 21 Saturdays in a row. The Sadhana can be practiced by the affected person or anyone else on him. This Sadhana is also useful to those who practice such paranormal remedies to help people who are affected by this malefic transit.

Mantra to subdue the Senses

The biggest hindrance and stumbling block to the seekers of Siddhi and those practicing the various Tantrik Sadhanas is loosing concentration, due to the interplay of the senses. The senses are, as described by spiritualists “more difficult to tame than the wind”. In this post is given a mantra to control and subdue the senses. If the senses are subdued then the mind also gets subdued and comes under control.

The only way to find peace of mind

The sheer depth and vision of the ancient Indian Sages can be judged by this verse from the ancient scripture, The Svetasvatara Upanishad. The thinker who wrote this verse foresaw, with his divine vision that even the greatest advancements in science could not make man happy and contented. This thinker had seen what was to come; he had a vision about the modern space age; a deeply spiritual prophetic vision on the only way to find peace of mind.

Siddha Poison Removing Mantra

This is an ancient mantra Indian Shakti Mantra from the Puranas which is chanted for removing poisoning. This mantra can be tried in an emergency situation, when someone has intentionally or accidentally consumed poison and no medical facilities are at hand.. This is a extremely effective Siddha Mantra and hence does not have to be mastered.

Predict Future from Semen and Urine

Amongst the strangest and rarest of the Indian Tantras , I have come across is a specific Tantra to predict the future from the smell and color of Semen and the flow of Urine. Both these Tantras of course predict the future of men only. I have given some of the methods used below for the interest of readers.

Mantra to cure swollen Neck Glands

This is a Mantra to cure and get relief form Swollen Glands present in the neck or any other kind of gland disorder or type of lymphadenopathy. This mantra was previously given by me a couple of years back; but I am giving a specific health Sadhana to be practiced using the potency of the mantra.

Paranormal Remedy for Liquor Addiction - 2

This is another Indian paranormal remedy to cure liquor addiction . This one along with the specific Tantra involves the chanting of a Shiva Mantra. This remedy can be tried by the person suffering from liquor addiction on himself or any of his family members, on him.

Mantra to see past, present and future in a dream

This is the Chichi Pishachini Mantra Sadhana to gain paranormal knowledge about what is going to happen in the past, present and the future, in a dream. The Mantra Sadhana is done in this manner - Kesar [Saffron], Gorochan and Milk should be mixed together to prepare a paste. Taking this paste, using a pointed stick an Ashtakamal [Lotus Flower having 8 petals] should be drawn on a Blue Bhojpatra. On every one of the 8 petals the Maya Beej Mantra ह्रीं [Hreem] has to be written.

Conversion of atmospheric CO2 in future

Since ways had by now been devised for an expanding Fullball world to convert heat's molecular random sonic speed motions into usable energy, that could be used to supply much needed refining and manufacturing energy. This could be in a few hot deserts which were largely useless overheated Earth surface lands. Earth populations shouldn't object to that. (In fact, this would harvest and slightly reduce the excessive Solar heating there, while nicely avoiding having to burn fuel for energy or for heat needed for refining some of the needed materials.)

Nati Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

This is the Nati Yakshini Mantra Sadhana . Nati means an actress and hence this Yakshini has been attributed the qualities; similar to that of an actress. The Sadhana is done to gain various kinds of magical and supernatural items along with wealth and money with the blessings of the Nati Yakshini.

Future of India in 2013

This site has been keeping a close watch on the future of the World; especially India, for the past few years. .This article is on what most Indian should watch out for in the year 2013. The Sensex and the Indian Stock Market are booming, the economy is becoming and the future is looking rosier, day by day; so where does that leave the common Indian. By the common Indian I men the salary earners and the small businessmen; I have excluded the largest chunk of the population; those who do not know what is a Stock Market or an Economy.

Most Powerful Talisman to remove Fever

Today I am giving a simple to make; yet most effective and powerful talisman to remove Fever . This talisman is similar to the ones I have given earlier and likewise most suitable to non Indians who find it difficult to chant and pronounce Hindi Mantras Those who could not get relief from the previous ones can try this one.

Remedy for Grinding of Teeth in Sleep

Grinding of teeth especially while sleeping or Bruxism, in medical language can trigger off a lot of chronic ailments including; migraine, dental problems, anxiety and depression. As this is an involuntary act, caused due to sub conscious action and mostly occurring during sleep, is advisable to get rid of it permanently; especially in children.

Vashikaran Mantra to Enchant Dancer

There are attraction mantras for most purposes and this site has given the widest selection of such mantras; here is a Vashikaran Mantra to bring under a spell of attraction a Nartaki or as she is called in English a dancer. The term used here is a wider term; for not wanting to degrade any woman by using the common slangs available such as prostitute or someone in the flesh trade or someone of loose morals.

Coming Great Prophecy of Nostradamus

“For over 500 years the World will have known about him who was the most sought after in  his times. Then all of a sudden will the great revelation be made which will make the people of that century see the truth” Nostradamus - Century-3-94. This is not an exact word by word translation of this Quatrain; but the meaning as I have interpreted for this prophecy.

Mantra to suppress an enemy

Given here in this post is a simple Mantra Sadhana to suppress and subdue an enemy . This Mantra is also known as a Shatru Daman Mantra. This Sadhana does not need Siddhi. The Sadhak has to take some very small stones [fine gravel] hold them in the right hand and then bind the gravel by chanting the mantra 108 times.

Easy Akarshan Mantra

This is an easy standalone Akarshan Mantra, the practice of which does not need any specific rules or Tantra to be followed; hence can be tried by anyone with a basic knowledge of Vashikaran Tantra. The mantra needs to be chanted 7800 times in 7 days to be effective in attracting the desired person. While chanting the word “Amukasya” is to be replaced by the name of the desired person.