Sex of humans will be chosen in the future

Moderns off Earth felt safe to begin equalizing the numbers ratio between the sexes, since up here none would be sought out to be killed by a few of Earth's too proud insistantly violent hateful religious conservatives, who so greatly hated the (mostly male) developers of advanced genetics (for moderns). Thus no need to produce more females, as if to replace past Earth killed moms and their children. Up here there were enough matured surviving females with also surviving children easily able to keep their population of good advancing moderns thriving.

So up here, more potential mothers for new moderns had begun considering, and discussing with others, perhaps producing more male than female babies for a while, enough more to not only become good loving close minded mates for new females, but also to offer nice helpful fond male mates for females up here not currently having any. This should lead to a more balanced (& likely often more happily enjoyably fondly mated) good friendly modern society.

New baby "moderns" were of course genetically increasingly advanced beyond old natural humans. Their Sex had been chosen by their moms, not determined by old random sexual reproduction. If a male would be wanted, a single-cell good prepared embryonic human zygote, (which would develop through several stages as an embryo over an 8-week period), would be implanted, having been started with a selected good male Y sexual chromosome, specially prepared according to the preferences of his future mom.

By now enough more about modern developmental genetics had kept being researched and improved, so that, up in orbit, moms of fresh new male moderns could produce sons genetically designed exploiting more good developments from good genetics R&D (research & development) advances. Such new designed males, with aging halted in mid 20s, would now more likely mature into more fondly close quite loyal gentle happy pleasure giving well enjoyed partners for females, and likely want to helpfully stay happily mated with them, even permanently for millions of future very happy centuries, much enjoying helpfully living nicely lovingly fondly united together.

Who should be much surprised? Why not try happily enjoying age frozen long healthy adult lives much more fully? Several, now considering producing more sons, thus discussed what might be several very nice characteristics to try getting extra well developed, to become matured into such new ever better nicer produced male moderns.

This is a guest post.. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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