Imagined Future Anti Science Unrealities

Movies and stories set in imagined futures have presented most folks as spending much of their time using impressively advancing technology. It had been interesting to imagine impressive new good technology advances, letting us accomplish things people couldn't easily achieve in the past, if at all. But many past imagined future advances had depended upon dreamy magical antiscience unrealities, such as faster than light speed space fantasy travel to other stars. Mostly ignored, or hardly at all considered, were having possibly many folks much enjoy good happier daily living pleasure improvements.

It could be that past fictional futures had stayed away from consideration of selecting better maturing pleasures, since in the past any such wanted genetics had been impossible to select for specially starting any new infants. And some dreamers for past fictions may have been cautiously playing safe by avoiding much if any mention of future adult improved possible sexy pleasure seeking, since that would safely avoid them maybe getting censored or blocked, or attacked by some religious conservatives.

But somewhat more realistic futures should more honestly consider more wanted daily nice things, including gaining more pleasures to be often well enjoyed happily living with a fond best friend and mate. While such refinements become genetically selectable for new produced still pure human young, many parents may like to pay to have this prepared to benefit their descendants with healthier and also nicely happier adult lives. They could expect such maturing descendants to more likely stay happily more respectfully loyal to them, long after moving out and into new homes.

A future likely happy reality should actually be that many such genetically refined very healthy new humans will also much enjoy superior pleasureful sex having been made selectively available for weekly or even nightly good deep pleasures. That should become a future truly good human reality, frequently more fun than simple TV and movie entertainments. Thus, might several future selected natural genetics pure humans often become most enjoyably much sexier, like with fond mates? Why not? Too bad if that may displease some current restrictive censors

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