See what you become in next life

There is an extremely rare and ancient Indian Tantra which is said to enable you to visualize what you will be in your next life and have a glimpse of your next reincarnation. Though it is of no use to know about your next birth, I will nevertheless tell you about the procedure as laid out in this secret Tantra scripture.

The seeds of the Ankola Plant [Alangium Salvifolium] called Sage Leaf Alangium; have to be crushed to extract the Oil from them. Then it is to be poured as Oil into a lamp with hand made wick of cotton. Then after the lamp goes off after all the oil has burned, gather the soot on a Copper Plate. Then mix this soot with the Pure Ghee [Clarified Butter] of a Cow to prepare Kajal [Kohl]. This Kohl is to be applied to the eyes, like you normally do.

Then you have to go and look in a mirror. The Tantra says that you will see what you are going to become in your next life; the next reincarnation.

Disclaimer – Article written purely for the sake of imparting knowledge and not to advocate its use. I take no responsibility for any damage; including medical if someone tries out this experiment.

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  1. Hello Sir, thank you for sharing all of your knowledge. Do you know of any mantras specifically for recalling past lives?

  2. Sir in which book this is written please share that knowledge


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