Kameshwari Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

This is the Kameshwari Yakshini Mantra Sadhana. This Sadhana is commenced at the beginning of the night by sitting under a Gular tree [Cluster Fig Tree]. The Sadhak has to light a lamp of pure Ghee, having 4 wicks and keep this Ghee lamp in front of himself and concentrating upon the flames start chanting the Kameshwari Mantra given here, using a Rudraksha Mala.

The Mantra Sadhana has to be continued for the entire night and should continue for a period of 30 days and in this period the Sadhak has to chant the mantra 100,000 times. If successful the Kameshwari Yakshini will give Darshan after 30 days of Sadhana.

When the Kameshwari Yakshini manifests a path of white flowers appears for her to move on and the ground around her is covered with white flowers. The wind is full of a sweet fragrance and scented flowers rain everywhere.

The complexion of the Kameshwari Yakshini is the color of the Moon; she is mounted on a Swan. She is adorned with a necklace of white pearls and wears rose colored clothes. Behind her are four ladies with hand made fans, fanning here, there are two more ladies walking in front of her. All these ladies are wearing Saris of a dark brownish/golden shade.

She makes the mind and consciousness of the Sadhak peaceful, harmonious and contented and ensures that that he will never ever be troubled by anything in life.

 Kameshwari Yakshini Invoking Mantra
 Kameshwari Yakshini Mantra 

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  1. That mantra sadhana works. It's wery powerful.

  2. Some of the requirements you mention like finding a specific type of tree to sit under before chanting the mantras. Are they absolute requirements? Can a person just light a lamp at home at the prescribed time and recite these mantras?

    1. These requirements are as per the original Shabar texts, hence, mandatory.


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