Mantra - Mastery over Vak Siddhi

This is a rare and specific Tantrik Mantra Sadhana for Vak Siddhi. Vak Siddhi is said to have been mastered when what ever you speak turns out to be true in the future. In ancient times persons possessing such a paranormal gift were known as Oracles. These Oracles where known to have a uncanny prophetic vision and were the favorites of the ruling class; who did not take any major decisions without their counsel; as their spoken words invariably turned out to be true.

Vak Siddhi is mastery over the knowledge of making prophetic predictions which turn out to be true. This Sadhana is for a period of 3 months. During this period the Sadhak has to stand in a body of flowing water; hold this left hand over his head and chant this mantra. Any kind of Mala can be used for the chanting. The total number of chants during the 3 months is 100,000.

Hindu Mantra Chant for Mastery over Vak Siddhi
Mantra - Mastery over Vak Siddhi

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  1. If standing in water and chanting is not possible will the mantra not work?


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