Powerful Ganesh Health Mantra Sadhana

The Nirgundi tree; also known as Sambhalu [Five-leaved chaste tree] is said to contain magical healing properties and is extensively used in Ayurvedic and traditional Indian medicine. Since ancient times numerous Mantra Sadhana are being practiced in India for the purposes of healing, using the various parts of this herb. In this post a specific Ganesh Mantra Sadhana for health has been given.

The mantra given here has to be memorized and at night 21 Parikramas [21 circular rounds] have to be taken around the Nirundi tree; chanting this mantra all the time. This Sadhana has be conducted for 7 consecutive nights. This is said to make the Nirgundi tree favorable towards you; come under you spell of attraction and help you.

Powerful Ganesh Health Mantra Chant to remove illness and diseases
Powerful Ganesh Health Mantra

Then the following experiment can be conducted for good health. Take some Bark of the tree and make a powder and mix it with powdered Jeera [Cumin] to prepare a mixture; both is equal quantities. This mixture is said to have most powerful healing properties.

If taken for a week removes all kinds of Fever from the body.

If taken for 4 weeks makes the skin radiant and gives one a beautiful glowing and magnetic complexion.

If taken for 5 weeks increases the life span of the individual.

If take for 6 weeks given great strength, stamina and vitality.

Disclaimer – Article posted to give knowledge about Indian traditions and not to advocate its use.

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