Ganesh Mantra to find a new job

This is a specific Ganesh Mantra to find a new and higher paying job. The Sankalp [pledge] to complete this Mantra Sadhana successfully has to be done in a Ganesha Temple by offering a Prasad of Jaggery and Dried Coconut.

Then this mantra has to be chanted 108 times daily for a period of 21 days and after that 21 times daily for the next six months. Even if you get a new job during this period the Ganesh Sadhana has to be continued as pledged. The mantra should be chanted clearly with intensity and faith. Every day during the period of Sankalp one must visit the Ganapati Temple at a fixed time; it is not essential to offer Prasad every time you visit the temple.

Ganesh Mantra Chant to find a new  job
Ganesh Mantra to find a new job

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  1. pranam guruji,Now-a-days im very sick so im not able to go outside and visit a mandir but at the same time i need to start this as soon as is it ok if i will pray to the photo of Ganeshji at my home or computer??or i should strictly visit his mandir daily??please reply urgent.

  2. Pranam Guruji, I have the same question as posted earlier. Does it means we can't go outstation for six months as its necessary to visit the temple. can we do it at home?

    your answer will be highly appreciable.


    1. The Job Mantra Sadhana is a pledge to be taken at the same temple. If you go outstation you have to visit a Ganesh Mandir located there.
      However the Sadhana has to be concluded at the same temple where you have taken the pledge.

  3. Pranam Guruji,
    Sir ,if we get menstrual cycle then how about the recital of mantra and visiting of temple.
    Sir,Can we worship at home if we are not able to go daily to temple.pledge and conclusion i will do in the same temple but daily visiting if it will not be possible then is it ok?
    Please reply sir,

    1. The Sadhana has to be discontinued during the Monthly Cycle and continued from where you stopped after the completion of the Cycle,

    2. Guruji thanks for the replying the above question then what about visiting temple daily?
      If we cannot visit temple daily is it ok if we worship at home.

    3. Do not visit the temple or pray at home during the Monthly Cycle.

    4. Guruji Iam asking abt normal days..if we are not able to go to temple by any means then will it be ok if we worship at home as you have mentioned to go daily to temple at fixed time.if it is not possible by any means like for eg if we get a job n we are not able to go to temple at that fixed time then what we need to do.please tell us.

    5. For the first 21 days during the Sadhana try to visit the Ganesh Mandir.

  4. Namaste. Guruji,
    My details are as below.
    Dob:29th. March 1984,
    Places: guntur, andhrapradesh, India.
    Timee :11:50 am.

    I have been working for a company Since last five and half years. I faced severe hardships but survived.
    Now I want to move to a new job of no harassment so that I can get married now settle down.
    At current location, all matches that my family searched, don't move forward after 2-3 conversations.
    Similarly, all the job offers are getting Blocked after few conversations.

    Please help me.
    I lost my confidence. I'm blindly playing god daily now.
    My current location is ahmednagar.
    I'm wearing one pearl ring, one gomedikam. Ring and one kanapushyaraga ring.
    Request u to advice me remedies.

    1. You can have a look at the various remedies for Job and Employment given in the sections on Wealth Mantras and Paranormal Remedies - Money.
      This Ganesh Mantra is also relevant for Job Matters.

  5. Namskar guruji, maine 21 din ganesh temple ja kar chant kiya. 21 din ke bad coconut and jaggery ka prasad bhi chadaya. Fir bhi mujhe job nahi mila. Mai bahot pareshan hu. Abhi me karu samaj nahi aaraha hi.

  6. Check out the site which provides the list of all temples that addresses the devotees wish for better job, job promotion, job change etc.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Respected Guruji:

    After doing sankalp in the temple should we visit the temple for the first 21 days or the whole six months on a daily basis.

  9. Neel Ji, Please clarify .... Is it Vidhna Haraa or Should it be Vighna haraa ?

  10. Happy New Year 2021 Neel Sir, i have been through this remedy to find a new job, here u have mentioned to offer prasad of Jaggery & dry coconut. Kindly let me know if i have prepare prasad using these two ingredients & adding elaichi etc OR do i need to just offer one full dry coconut & 1/4 kg jaggery? DRY COCONUT meaning the one which is sun dried after breaking it without its shell? Kindly reply sir as i want to start it from tomorrow please regards Shalini

    1. Dry Coconut is called Sukha Khobra and is available in all general stores, the Prasad is only of offering some pieces of dry coconut and some pieces of Jaggery about 1/4 kg will do.

    2. Thank you so much for providing clarity.


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