Hanuman Raksha Mantra

This is a Hanuman Raksha Mantra. Hanuman Worship as stated before in this site is one of the most powerful form of worship for all and any kind of protection; from all and any kind of danger. The worship of Hanuman is practiced for visible or invisible dangers; natural or supernatural dangers.

This site has given many such Hanuman mantras for most problems in life. This one is for total protection; including life threatening and sudden dangers and malicious and harmful enemies and accident protection.

If you perceive any such problems coming your way repeated chanting of this mantra is advisable. This practice must continue for 41 days.

Hanuman Raksha Mantra Chant for Security
Hanuman Raksha Mantra

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  1. Hello Sir, How about this Mantra. Ladies can do it or no. Thanks

    1. Yes any1 can do this mantra with pure heart.

  2. Namaste guru ji,
    I have full question regarding myself I m facing lot of failures from last so many years.but nothing is working in respective of all,not even my single work which I think accomplish
    I don't know why pls.help me I use to ready hanuman chalisa 11times on daily bases.
    Could we do this mantra for evil protection as m lossing all hope.
    By doing this mantra any evil sprit will leave us ,do this mantra effect is for temporary

    1. Yes, this Hanuman Mantra will give you protection from evil beings, including spirits.
      However, if you are chanting the Hanuman Chalisa, it is better to concentrate on it rather than doing multiple Mantras.

  3. घोर संकट के समय नित्य याद कीजिये इन पाँचों को -(१ )हरं(शिवजी को )(२),हरिम(विष्णु को ),(३)हरिश्चन्द्रं(राजा हरिश्चंद्र )को ,(४)हनुमन्तं (हनुमानजी को ),(५)हलायुधं(हल ही जिनका अस्त्र है उन बलराम जी को ).
    जब भी कोई दैविक ,दैहिक या भौतिक संकट आये ,मंत्रजाप करिये .

  4. 41 days done - seems mantra didn't work


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