Mantra to cure gland disorders

This is a very specific Shabar health mantra to treat and cure diseases and ailments caused due to gland disorders; including cysts, boils, Mastitis and fibrocystic disease. The ancient Indians who composed these mantras had a remedy for most problems in life; including health. This mantra like many other Shabar Mantra invokes the God of infinite strength Hanuman.

First of all one has to attain Siddhi[mastery] and it has to be done on any auspicious Tuesday or on the night of the festival of Diwali or on any Solar or Lunar Eclipse by chanting the mantra given below 108 times. Then a Havan of twigs of the Mango tree has to be offered 108 times; this Havan [offering the twigs to a fire] has to be done while continuously chanting the mantra.

Then to practice the mantra on yourself or a patient you have to chant the mantra 7 times and place your palm over the body part affected by glandular disorder. This procedure has to be done for 3 days.

Hindu Shabar Mantra to cure gland disorders
Mantra to cure gland disorders

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  1. havan has to be done burning the twigs of mango tree or using them as a material to give arpana to the fire ???//

    1. The Mango twigs are the offerings given to the fire.

  2. we have to offer ghee and havan samagri also in havan ? and should we do havan for 3 days or for just one day ?

    1. Only the Mango Twigs have to be offered Ghee and other Samagri in not required. Havan has to be done for only 1 day.

  3. Sir, I sincerely feel that I am bothering you too much, but since you always help me by your advice, I find courage to ask you .

    My father has a problem of Parathyroid glands ( technically and medically different from Thyroid glands ). If the mantra given in this post is of any help in this case, being a case of GLANDS, then, please guide
    1) whether the havan has to perform after 108 chants
    2) while performing havan, mantra chanting is in ADDITION to 108 chants done earlier ?
    3) if in addition, then how many chants i.e as many chants or 108 times with each twig
    4) can the fire for Havana be infused by camphor ?

    1. The Mantra is a Shabar Mantra for all kinds of disorders related to glands, so it is relevant for the problem mentioned by you.

      First Siddhi should be gained by chanting the Mantra 108 times.
      Then Havan should be performed by giving Aahuti of Mango twigs to the Havan and the Mantra should be chanted each time after offering the Aahuti, this should be done 108 times in all.
      The fire can be lit by camphor.

  4. Palm has to be placed over affected body part AFTER chanting the revered mantra 7 times or placing the charm and reciting 7 times ?

    2) both components of siddhi i e chanting 108 times and havan has to be on same day ?

    3) to put the mantra on actual use, can it be used multiple times in life ?

    1. The Mantra should be chanted 7 times and then the palm should be placed over the affected body part. This has to be done for 3 days in a row for it to be effective.
      The Sadhana can be continued after 3 days until relief in experienced.


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