Hanuman Mohini Mantra

This is Really a most potent and strong Mohini Mantra which invokes Shri Ram and Hanuman; again I have to tell you this is a Satvik [pure] mantra, so it won’t work for malicious or harmful pursuits.

This mantra has to be chanted 108 times during the period of any eclipse, Solar or Lunar to gain Siddhi [mastery]. After attaining mastery over the mantra, if one wishes to use it, then a small piece of Supari [betel nut] has to be infused by holding the Supari in your right hand and chanting the mantra 21 times. Then this infused Supari has to given to eat to the person you wish to attract.

It is said that the person who eats the Supari will be forever be under your spell of attraction.

Hanuman Mohini Mantra to Captivate Woman Love
Hanuman Mohini Mantra

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