Shiva Meditation Mantras - 3

These are 4 short and simple Shiva mantras useful for meditation on Shiva. The meaning of all these 4 mantras is – I bow before Shiva; the Lord of the Universe or I bow before Shiva the Lord of Kashi.

Kashi is an ancient Indian holy town; now part of the city of Varanasi. This city is home to one of the holiest and most revered of the Indian temples – The Kashi Vishwanath temple or the Kashi Vishweshwar temple. It is believed that those who visit this temple attain Moksha as the drishti of Shiva is always on those who visit this temple.

The Simple mantras for Meditation on Shiva as Vishweshvaraya [Lord of the Universe] have been given here; one can choose any one of these four Mantras .

Devotional Hindu Shiva Meditation Mantras - 3
Shiva Meditation Mantras - 3

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