Putra Prapti Yantra-Mantra

This is a Putra Prapti Yantra or a Santan Prapti Yantra. This Yantra is prepared to beget a child of the gender of your wishes; boy or girl. The Yantra and the mantra are both dedicated to Shiva and Durga Mata as the Shakti.

This Yantra is recommended to be prepared on Silver or a Copper. The Yantra has to be worshipped by the woman desiring a child. The mantra which I have given below has to be chanted 1008 times daily.

Hindu Putra Prapti Yantra for Progeny
Putra Prapti Yantra-Mantra
ॐ दुर्गेशमहेशाय नमः ||

Om Durgeshmaheshaya Namah ||

Then the woman must worship the Yantra everyday after chanting the mantra with an offering of milk with sugar and honey mixed in it. Then she has to keep the Yantra under her pillow, if that is not possible then she can keep it in her place of worship.

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  1. Hello Sir, there is nothing in the centre square. Is that how the yantra shd be? Is there any specific size of silver or copper sheet on which this yantra should be prepared? Do silver shops make such yantras on customer request in India?

    1. Yes. There is nothing in the center square. The size of the Yantra is normal or the size given in the image.

  2. After chanting the mantra, worshipping, and offering and keeping Yantra under the pillow, should it be taken to the worship place again the next day, to repeat the ritual? Also, how many days should the lady follow this practice?

    1. The ritual has to be followed everyday. The Yantra is to be put under the pillow every night and in the morning to be put in the place of worship.

  3. My money has blocked which i lent to him over ten years before.and he is not giving it back .pl help me. I am in great need of it

    1. daily prayer hanuman banarangu ban.. 3 times.. its more effective to all problem solve..

      jai sir ram


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