Mangal Murti Ganesh Yantra

Mangal means auspicious and Mangal Murti means that which is auspiciousness. Ganesha or Ganapati is popularly called as Mangal Murti; especially in the state of Maharashtra.

The Yantra given here is known as the Mangalmurti Ganesh Yantra which is used to worship Ganesha to gain wealth, money, power the removal of obstacles and protection from dangers.

This Yantra is preferable drawn on a thick piece on copper and it can be worn or kept on the body or worshipped at home.

The recommended Mantra for the Mangalmurti Ganesh Yantra is given below.

ॐ मंगलमूर्तये नमः ||
Om Mangalmurtaye Namah ||

Mangal Murti Ganesh Yantra for everything auspicious
Mangal Murti Ganesh Yantra

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