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Ram mantra for chest pain

Shri Ram ; the Marayada Purshottum is widely respected and worshipped in India. A lot of mantras and prayers are dedicated to him. The mantra given below is one such powerful mantra which is used to relieve chest pain. The chest pain can be due to a variety of reasons ranging from medical ones to physiological ones like fear.

Simple home remedies for loss of appetite and taste

These are most simple home remedies for loss of appetite and taste. You can safely try these home remedies if you are suffering for any of these ailments. For Loss of Appetite Mix the juice of Lime and Ginger in equal quantities and then add a pinch of Rock Salt to the mixture. About 2 teaspoons of this mixture should be taken 3 to for times daily. The appetite is restored back to normal in about 5 to 6 days.

Simple home remedies for Dry Cough and Tonsillitis

These are some most simple home remedies for Dry Cough and Tonsillitis. Dry Cough The person suffering from dry cough is at his wits end on how to stop the continuous involuntary coughing .You can try this simple home remedy which will make you feel better.

Simple home remedies for Obesity and Flatulence

These are most simple home remedies for Obesity and Flatulence. Obesity Early in the morning take the following ingredients 1 full glass of warm water 4 teaspoon lime juice 2 teaspoon honey

Bible Prophecy on the Battle of Kalki Avatar

Revelation 19 describes what is said to be the Battle of Armageddon. In fact this is the Battle of the 10th and final Avatar of Vishnu Kalki Avatar, who manifests in the closing stages of the Kali Yuga. Revelation 19 is Bible Prophecy on the Battle of Kalki Avatar. This prophecy has been linked to what is called “the second coming of Christ”. However the prophecies never name Christ; but the description of Kalki Avatar is most accurate. This prophecy describes the magnificent white horse; the mount of Kalki Avatar and his shinning Supernatural Sword.

Kabir on how to find God

Kabir is an enigma to most. This mystic who lived in India approximately 500 years back, composed the most profound and deeply spiritual short poems. That Kabir had scaled the highest levels of Non Duality is clear. His poetry was of a different level, one can interpret it in numerous ways.

How to find God

This post is meant to reach out to the most evolved persons on the web. A lot is being said and written about how to find God, where to look for him, how to be one with him and so on. Science has no answers for this; it does not even recognize God. The Spiritualists say first find yourself, then you will automatically find God. The non-dualists say everything in existence is one, God exists in everything and everything exists in God. The traditional Indian devotee says bhakti or devotion is the key to finding God.

Shiva Mantra for divine protection

This is the most effective and powerful Shiva mantra to seek the divine protection of Shiva. This mantra is said to fulfill your innermost wishes, give protection against evil energies and avert the dangers coming you way.

Dattatreya Sadhana Mantra

The worship of Guru Dattatreya is of paramount importance in the Navnath Sampradaya, as well as for anyone aspiring to be a Siddh Purush [spiritually evolve person]. Guru Dattatreya as explained in my earlier posts is the Supreme Being – the sum total of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Hence he is worshipped as the ultimate Guru; the Guru of the Gurus.

Ganesh Mantra to fulfill wishes

As I have said before and the true Bhakts of Ganesha must known by now that their beloved God Ganesha has solutions for everything. This one here is a very simple yet powerful Ganesh Mantra to fulfill wishes. This Ganesh mantra to fulfill wishes has to be recited 540 times in the early hours of the morning, before sunrise.

Short prayer for healing

This is a short prayer for healing the diseases which I have composed. This short prayer seem simple, but the science behind is profound, and based on ancient Indian wisdom . Without going into unnecessary details, please remember that one cannot live without breath for more than a few minutes. One does not give a second thought to breath; it’s taken for granted. Those sick and ailing must remember that they are not the body; but the breath.

Ganesh Mantra for blocked work

The dedicated disciples of Ganesha need not despair, if some of their work has been unnecessarily blocked; due to no conceivable reason. Ganesha has solutions for all problems. The Ganesh Bhakts are one of a kind; they mostly go about life in a straight forward and honest manner. This is so because the worship of Ganesha is Satvik [pure] in nature.

Bible prophecy on aliens

Behold, He cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see Him, and they also which pierced Him. – Prophet John – Revelation – 1:7. This glorious advent has been prophesied by nearly all of the prophets in the Bible. Indeed a glorious and unbelievable occurrence; linked to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Possible cylinders ring world

Many could like a ring world, around a long-term safely smaller only slowly safely evolving star, being formed to gain thicker sections. A future more heavily populated ring world, also of whole ring radius 10,000,000km around the star, would be possible by giving thicker ring sections not fast spins, (as in a disk world), to counteract the accumulated weak self gravity in here toward the ring's central axis circle line. Such thicker sections would then effectively be cylinders, each suitably spinning just enough to cancel most internal self gravity pulling in toward each cylinder's central axis line.

Prayer for India's 63rd Republic day 2012

India will be celebrating her 63rd Republic day on 26th January 2012 amidst the usual pomp and fanfare. Come the morning of the 26th most people; especially children will be glued to their TV sets watching the Republic Day parade. This Parade held annually on the occasion of India Republic Day is arguably the best of its kind in the world.

Nostradamus - use of biological and chemical weapons in World War 3

This is another of the futuristic Quatrains of Nostradamus which I am inclined to believe refers to the much awaited World War 3 . The great stench is the description of  chemical or biological weapons, which are going to be used freely in the course of World War 3. The fire seen in the sky is one such missile carrying a chemical of biological warhead.

Mantra to have a child - 2

This one here is another of the unique Indian Mantras for specific purposes. This is another mantra for having a child . This mantra is given here for those childless couples desirous of having a child. This mantra is dedicated to Balkrishna; the child form of Shri.Krishna.The Mantra should be recited in front an image of Balkrishna, preferably by both the husband and wife 108 times daily.

Huge Vashikaran fraud from Rajasthan

The past one year has seen an influx of Vashikaran cheats, criminals, fraudsters, scamsters sites. These cheats who have opened sites under a variety of impressive sounding tittles are seen advertising not only from their sites but also all over the web; especially free classified sites. This is a continuous bombardment of spam advertising.

Mantra for child education

This is a mantra especially for those mothers who are worried about theirs child’s progress. Most of these worries are related to education and progress in school, bad company, health and other common problems relating to children .

Sai Baba Mantra for Depression

Depression is a common symptom in most of those who are striving for a higher state of existence. In the spiritual sense, those who try to reach a higher state of existence, feel depressed when success doesn’t come their way quickly. Depression is caused due to a sudden shortage of Prana or the Life Energy in specific parts of the body. In this state one starts feeling lethargic and finds himself lacking in will power and drive.

Most powerful mantra for luck

This is a very unique and most powerful mantra for luck. Very often it is noticed that one puts in a lot of work, but in return gets very little output. All this is just a question of luck and opportunities coming your way. This rare and powerful mantra from the ancient Indian scriptures is said to ensure one becomes lucky and opportunities come ones way. Such lucky opportunities ensure success in job, business and trade . The mantra is also said to bring lucky opportunities come your way if you are trying to go overseas for job or business.

Ganesh mantra to progress in your job

This is a very simple, yet most powerful Ganesh mantra to progress in your job. This mantra like all Ganesh mantras and prayers is a Sattvik [pure] mantra. Hence there are no other requirements other than good intentions and sincerity.

Shiva mantra for mental peace

This is a most powerful and beautiful Shiva mantra to attain mental peace. In today’s fast paced life with its nuclear families; most people lack that vital ingredient for happiness; mental peace. This mantra is one which the most reliable of the Indian scriptures say vibrates to the unique frequencies of peace. This Shiva mantra is recommended to be recited 108 times everyday; this ensures peace, bliss and success in life.

Mantra for husband love

The most number of requests which I get is by women who have some misunderstanding or the other with their husbands and are unhappy. These women say that their lives have become miserable because their husbands do not Love them. I had stopped writing about Attraction and Vashikaran mantras because these mantras were being misused by unscrupulous elements; this was brought to my notice by a lot of the readers of this site.

Mantra to solve problems

This is a Mantra to solve problems. This is a mantra which is dedicated to Chandika Devi; this is the name by which the mother goddess Durga is referred to in the Durga Sapthashati also known as the Chandi Path. Hence this is a powerful Shakti mantra so complete and sincere dedication is required.

Ganesh Uchatan Mantra

This is a very powerful Ganesh Uchatan mantra or the Ganesh mantra to stop an enemy from troubling you. This mantra like all Ganesh mantras is Satvik [pure].Hence the practitioner need not worry about any malefic effects coming his way.

Nostradamus - power change in 2012

This is a yet to be fulfilled Nostradamus prophecy which is likely to be fulfilled in the near future. I have a feeling that this prophecy will be fulfilled most probably in   2012 or early 2013. Some eminent commentators have interpreted the word “leading” as “dominant”. However there is a vast difference between the two. Dominant means as the word suggests a powerful ruler. Whereas leading is someone in some sort of  Constitutional position, with some, but no absolute power.

Indian Revolution

The cycle of generation and regeneration is an unchangeable fact of existence. This is a continuous process which is always happening all over the universe; our world is no exception to this basic law of nature. The destruction of might empires is a tiny occurrence compared to the destruction of galaxies and solar systems which is always happening at some place in time.The world has witnessed a large number of such seemingly unshakable empires and dynasties bite the dust.

Durga Devotional Mantra

There are countless devotees of the mother goddess not only in India; but all over the world. The mother goddess is worshiped in numerous manifestations or forms; this entirely depends on the devotee’s personality; how he visualizes her as.

Mantra for unbearable body pain

Due to a variety of illnesses and diseases one feels and experiences unbearable pain and does not know what to do. The ancient Indian Mantra Vidhya branch; Shaabri Vidhya has given a lot of unique mantras to remove pain from the body.

Ring World - Part 2

Since a ring world is a real doable possibility, here are some more details. Each could initially be assembled as a full ring, but starting with only a few completely filled partial sections around the ring. (It would take up to 67s to communicate with others if far from you across a 10,000,000km radius ring world.)

Astrological Yantras

Astrological Yantras are geometrical and numerological values which are attached to the nine planets as per traditional Indian astrology. These nine planets or the Navagraha are said to send strong vibratory frequencies to everything in their vicinity; including our planet.

Budh Yantra

Budh or Mercury is the planet which in Indian astrology is said to have a profound effect on the intellect of a person. Normally a planet which is beneficial; much depends upon its position in the horoscope and the associations with other planets.

Mangal Yantra

The planet Mars or Mangal as this planet is known in Hindi is the planet of war. This red colored planet is said to send strong vibrations relating to energy and courage. Mangal assumes great importance in traditional Indian astrology; particularly that to the matching of horoscopes of the bride and groom. A person is said to be under the influence of Mangal when it is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house in the horoscope.

The Importance Of A Good Night’s Rest- How To Get A Sound Sleep

A good night’s sleep is important for individuals of all ages. As parents of young children will readily attest to, a toddler who has not slept well (and, truth be told, a teenager who has not slept well) can be a nightmare to contend with. This is why many parents try to ensure that their little ones find a sleep routine that works for the family and, best of all, provides restful sleep and a greater likelihood of good behavior. No child wants to go to sleep early and, often, parents resort to bribes—from one more story to the promise of a piece of candy the next day. Something many people may fail to consider, however, is the importance of a bed that the child likes and enjoys.

Powerful Shiva mantra for the protection of children

Today I am giving a very powerful Shiva mantra for the protection of children. This is a rare Sadhna, so please do not misuse it. The Shiva Mantra which is given below has to be written on a Bhojpatra paper with blue ink and then this Bhojpatra paper has to be put in a locket, either of metal or a waterproof cloth. Then this locket has to be tied or woven into a black thread and put around the neck of the child.

Chandra Yantra

The moon, though a satellite of our planet, is in the field of Indian astrology considered as one of the nine planets. This is so because the moon or Chandra as this planet is known in Hindi is said to influence the mind more than any other heavenly body.

Surya Yantra

The Sun or Surya Dev in Hindi is central to our existence. It’s as simple as that and there is no argument; without the Sun we won’t exist. The Sun or as Surya as he is called in India, is not only a Star, but a living God.

The secret of death

Death is an unchangeable truth of life. It is something ones sub-conscious mind tries to avoid thinking about. Hence the sub-conscious mind more often than not does not identify with death; like with most other certainties of life. Hence for the normal person death is something which happens to other people. This is a post on the secret of death.

Shukra Yantra

The planet Venus or as Shukra as it is known in Hindi has a lot of romance and romantic tags attached to it. It also symbolizes love, romance and the lover. Venus also has a lot of mystic attached to it. The planet Shukra also stands for purity in all walks of life. There are numerous other qualities like wealth, arts, beauty, attraction and magic amongst others which this planet symbolizes.

Shiva happiness mantra

The Sivananda Lahari a composition by Adi Shankaracharya, like all his compositions is alive and filled with mantras with the highest vibratory frequencies. The Sivaananda Lahri translated into English means the Waves of the happiness of Shiva .

Has the Indian Political System collapsed

The recent exposures of the multi Billion Dollar corruption scams and the utter helplessness of the Indian Political system to do anything about it ,brings up the next logical question – Has the Indian Political System collapsed?

Ketu Yantra

The planet Ketu is the south node, where as the Rahu is the head; Ketu is the body. Like Rahu, Ketu is said to exert tremendous influence on earth; including the human body. Like Rahu, Ketu also has an equal importance in traditional Indian astrology Ketu assumes the nature of the house which he occupies in the horoscope of the individual.

Rahu Yantra

In Indian astrology the planet Rahu assumes great importance. Rahu is an imaginary planet and is assigned the north point of the lunar node. This is a point which is said to exert a high vibratory energy and influence on the earth.

Iran assassinations a plot to start world war 3

Just as the world entered 2012, I had interpreted a Quatrain of Nostradamus being the one which referred to World War 3 being triggered off due to a couple of major assassinations. The post can be read HERE . At this moment of time the Iran crises looks to be the most likely trigger. Someone obviously is looking just for that trigger or is trying to create it in quick time. Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, Director of Natanz - Iran's main uranium enrichment facility, was assassinated in a most professional manner.

Ring world for trillions in outer space

A spherical Fullball world or slow spinning bigger disk world isn't the biggest possible achievable single world for future many magnitudes vastly bigger expanding populations Hugely bigger freely floating settlement worlds could in fact be formed as ring worlds of full ring radius comparable to an inner planet's orbit radius, (while shaped like a simple ring around your finger). This would be best around a dim small star which will age very slowly and never expand like Sol to some eventual much bigger hot size.

Guru Yantra

This is a Yantra for Jupiter or Guru the largest of the nine planets in our solar system. Guru is said to be that planet in astrology who is the giver of fortune, luck, fame and wealth; amongst the numerous qualities which have been attributed to him. Guru is also symbolized as the imparter of knowledge; the teacher.

Shani Yantra

This is the Yantra for Shani or Saturn; the most feared of the heavenly bodies in the cosmos. Shani is the dispenser of justice or Karma, what you sow, comes back to you in the same measure. Shani also ensures that you get back what you have lost, none can escape this divine justice.

Paranormal Indian remedy to avert abortion

This is a Paranormal Indian remedy which is used to avert abortion. Many unfortunate women suffer from the problem of repeated abortions. In such cases the paranormal Tantrik offers some kind of solution or the other. This is one such simple remedy which I found to be not only interesting but does not require much effort or expense.

Shri Swami Samarth Dhyan Mantra

This is the Dhyan or the Contemplation mantra of Shri Swami Samarth of Akkalkot. Swami Samarth the great Indian saint is worshipped by many not only in India; but all over the world. The mantra is an invocation by the devote of Swami Samarth as the guru of infinite qualities.

Short prayer for malefic planetary combinations

A lot of people write to me saying that they are affected by malefic planetary combinations; and are at their wits end for the transit of malefic planets to come to an end. One does not have to wait patiently for bad periods to come to an end. Sheer dedication and will power will make good times come back again.

Ganesh mantra for fulfillment of worldly desires

Shri Ganesh the popular and loved God in India is worshipped in a total of 32 forms or manifestations. Each of these forms has profound spiritual significance attached to it. The Ucchista Ganesha form of Ganesha is one of these 32 forms; it is I have noted not a commonly worshipped form of Ganesha.

Kanai Anzen - A Japanese amulet for luck

Kanai Anzen is a famous and popular Japanese amulet of Shintoism. Shintoism is like Hinduism and Buddhism a profoundly spiritual religion. Kanai Anzen is an invocation to God to always keep ones family free from harm. This amulet is said to generate positive and protective vibration; and is said to be beneficial to health and safety of the household, it is also said to bring good luck if kept in the house. It can be taken as an equivalent of the traditional Indian Yantra for the same purpose.

Traditional Indian remedy for Hiccups

This is a home remedy which is used by practitioners of traditional Indian medicine to stop hiccups. A hiccup is an involuntary physical action over which one has no control. This is the reason hiccups can be most irritating as well as embarrassing.

Yantra for Marital Bliss

This is a most powerful Yantra which is prepared on a Bhojpatra paper and written with Ashtagandha ink and kept in a prominent place in your home. This is a Yantra for marital bliss, peace and love between husband and wife. This particular Yantra has been especially prepared by me for those readers who write to me seeking a solution for their martial problems.

Yantra to remove a ghost

This is said to be a powerful Yantra to remove a Ghost from the body of a possessed person. This Yantra has to be prepared on any Tuesday. The Yantra has to be written on a Bhojpatra leaf, with Ashtagandha, using a pointed stick of the Pomegranate tree, and then this Yantra has to be tied on the hand of the possessed person.

Yantra to restrain enemies

This is another Yantra which is used by Tantriks in India to control enemies. This particular Yantra is to be written on a piece of paper. The name Devdatta has to be replaced by the name of your enemy. The language can also be written in your native tongue.

Shanta Durga Pranam Mantra

This is the Pranam mantra or the salutation mantra of Shanta Durga . The Adi Shakti or the eternal energy; is worshipped in the form of Shanta Durga in large parts of Maharashtra and Goa. Shanta means peace and calm; this is that manifestation of Adi Shakti which symbolizes that aspect.

Dhan Yash Devi Yantra

The Dhan Yash Devi Yantra is a geometrical configuration which is drawn in your house, shop or office to attract wealth . The words Dhan Yash translated into English mean success in wealth. This Yantra the Goddess of which is Mahalaxmi can be drawn on paper with red vermillion. When the Yantra starts getting soiled, immerse it in a water body like a lake, river or well, and draw a new Yantra.The English words can be replaced, if you wish with your mother tongue.

Yantra to increase intelligence

This is a Yantra to increase intelligence. The Yantra given below has to be written with a sharpened stem of a rose on a Bhojpatra paper. The paper made from the bark of the Bhojpatra tree [Himalayan Birch], has been used since ancient times for writing purposes in India, and is considered to be most auspicious.

Mantra for ecstasy

Soundarya Lahari; The waves Beauty, by Adi Sankaracharaya is a composition the more I read it, the more it fascinates me. The entire composition is from start to finish vibrant with unique and live mantras. Shankaracharaya who is probably the greatest exponent of Non Duality , is seen here describing the ecstasy he felt while on his journey through the Himalayas. This ecstasy can only be described by one who feels and lives it; as Shankaracharaya did.

lightly spun disk world

As internal travel distances get bigger and bigger in an expanding Fullball world, it will become best to make big internal vacuum tubes for several daily speedy passenger & cargo (virtually weightless) vessels. (They'll return energy back into electricity in the special frictionless tracks in the tubes as they decelerate.) But since most friends & associates are close around you, you'd still usually simply conveniently air swim not far from your homes cylinder.

Shiva Mantras

Shiva is one aspect of the Hindu Divine Trinity of the Creator, the Protector and the Destroyer. Shiva is the Destroyer or the re generator. Shiva is worshipped in numerous forms and manifestations all over India. He is also worshipped as the Shivling; the divine light of Shiva. Shaivites; those who primarily worship Shiva as the Ever-Existent or the Eternal one, forms one of the major chunks of the Indian population.

Shivling Mantra

The Shivling is one of the most important of the Hindu religious symbols. This symbol of Shiva representing his creative energy, at its peak, is often described as the divine light of Shiva. Shivlings are present in every nook and corner of India. One question asked more often than not is how to worship the Shivling; what is the specific mantra to be recited while worshipping the Shivling.

True meaning of Panchagni Yajna

Panchagni Yajna described in the ancient Indian scripture the Chandogya Upanishad, is practiced to reach Brahma Lok or Salvation. This is a much sought after ritual in India. The literal meaning of Panchagni is “five fires” and Yagna is “Sacrifice”. So Panchagni Yagna literally translated means “Sacrifice to the five fires”.

Traditional Indian remedy to get pregnant

This is a rare traditional Indian remedy which is prescribed for those women who wish to get pregnant . This remedy is given here for information and educational purposes, and not to advocate the use of the same. To use the same please consult your doctor first.

Nostradamus on the future of the world

This futuristic Prophecy of Nostradamus is not only intriguing, but realistic. As events are panning out at this moment of time, this appears to be a most realistic course of evolution for a small section of the population of the world. This is Nostradamus on the future of the world. The world won’t end on 2012 nor will the human race end , anytime after 2012.The human race will survive world wars and natural disasters. Let’s take a look at this Quatrain, which I had interpreted some time before as the one indicating the realistic prospects of Space Settlements, in outer space.

Nostradamus - assassinations to trigger World War 3

This Prophecy of Nostradamus has been popularly interpreted to be the one descriptive of the  Kennedy   assassinations. While interpreting the Kennedy assassinations, I had indicated the vagueness of the interpretation.

Baglamukhi Protection Yantra

The Baglamukhi Yantra is considered to be one of the most powerful of the Hindu Yantras or geometrical configurations for the protection against evil and evil energies of all kinds. The Goddess Baglamukhi is in the Hindu religion that infinite energy which has the infinite power to turn anything into its exact opposite. This is probably the main reason why Baglamukhi worship has gained so much prominence in Tantrik worship.

Sri Yantra for spiritual wealth

Let’s begin the year 2012 on an auspicious note by looking at the Sri Yantra.The Sri or Shri Yantra is arguably considered to be one of the most powerful of the Hindu religious symbols. The Sri Yantra is a geometrical configuration of triangles which are said to symbolize the union of Shiva and Shakti, this pure union of the male and the female energies is said to be Hinduism's highest Union .