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lightly spun disk world

As internal travel distances get bigger and bigger in an expanding Fullball world, it will become best to make big internal vacuum tubes for several daily speedy passenger & cargo (virtually weightless) vessels. (They'll return energy back into electricity in the special frictionless tracks in the tubes as they decelerate.) But since most friends & associates are close around you, you'd still usually simply conveniently air swim not far from your homes cylinder.

To allow a much bigger settlement, give a Fullball world light spin. Let world thickness be safely limited to maybe 260km thick, but out perpendicular from it's new rotation axis, it can be expanded out more, at first becoming an ellipsoid world, then if still bigger, a disk world. The centrifugal force from this rotation farther out would nicely increasingly subtract from the increasing self gravitation inward pull weight out there.

A rotating 261km thick disk world of disk radius 796km (thus 1/8 of Earth radius 6,371km), could have 6.5 trillion people (6,500,000,000,000)! Or if the above estimated average volume needed per person was triple what's really needed in an efficient Fullball world, make that 20 trillion in a disk world of 1/8 Earth radius! Wow! That's maybe a thousand times what Earth can ever possibly support and provide food plus recycled air (& homes space) for in the far future!

How can 1,000 possibly live on Earth depending on what a present little farm can grow to only sustain a few people? That's fatally absurd stupid weird nonsense! So why ever wishfully dream of some remote star's lucky inhabitable planet, which actually magnitudes fewer people might somehow struggle to try living on? Vastly better to build Fullball or disk worlds not far away, much easier to move to!

Later big Fullball or disk worlds will eventually provide an easy good way for all humans to avoid getting scorched to extinction when Sol is expanding ever bigger producing more heat, (to eventually reach red giant phase). Best for us by then will be to scorn God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) lousy heartless mass murdering future plan against us.

Far more humans can instead safely live out in space. Such big Fullball or disk worlds can be built before then as far out as wanted, or slowly lightly moved safely farther from Sol.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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