Creating bigger Fullball Worlds

Converting local temperature heat into reusable electricity lets a space settlement be enlarged big enough for many billions (1,000,000,000s) to happily enjoy living together in, (while staying thus forever nicely cooled), such as in a Fullball balloon world afloat in space. One such settlement can get expanded to 150km radius good for over 1/6 trillion people (177,000,000,000)!

So it has really been quite stupidly absurd of much of SF (science fiction) before 2000 to have mostly ignored any future possible constructed orbiting space settlements, as if almost useless and poorly not very good for much more than several dozen to live in. But actually SF's far remote wished for somewhat Earth like planets around distant stars in fact become quite unneeded.

Thus human population growth won't have to soon be halted. One Fullball world might in fact allow up to 1/2 trillion people, since the estimated volume needed per person to include adequate farms in Fullball worlds, (estimated from 1970s USA living on Earth), may be triple of what would really be needed in a Fullball world, since better genetic food plant varieties can be used here to produce more food most months of each year for more hours each day, (and also since plants aren't being consumed here by farm animals, nor damaged by pests and other animals.) Lots bigger populations would be much better than having folks split apart into multiple smaller future settlements.

As such a Fullball world gets expanded bigger, it becomes useful to gain other travel options. Private travel capsules can be robotically constructed, several then kept available parked outside homes cylinders. Air blown out the back will propell you to a destination you set. (While it then goes there, you can relax inside maybe reading, or socializing with a friend or family member.)

Air tubes, to lightly blow folks places, can also be formed, (each tube having a surrounding transparent film side), to gently blow you across much of the Fullball world. To enter, easily pull in when nothing is approaching close. Air scoops, or a light blast of air from the side, will center you ok. If in a hurry, air swim inside the air flow. To exit, air swim to one side which is opened out in places to let folks drift outside the air tube. (Such air tubes will also conveniently help circulate all world air.)

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