Average temperature in Fullball Worlds

Bigger Fullball worlds would have severe size limiting problems. Big would get overheated. Waste heat would exceed what could be radiated out into space. They would also grow unable to harvest enough increasing electricity needs from external Solar light converter film disks which can't be too hugely expanded.

Could any way be invented to harvest simple average temperature heat into reusable wanted electricity? Back when the nature of heat had been found to be local sonic speed random molecular motions and vibrations way down at the invisibly tiny submicroscopic molecular size scale, none of our best technicians were constructing devices that extremely tiny.

It had been argued early that due to the nature of average temperature heat, it couldn't be so converted, such as by some submicroscopic ratchet and saw-toothed wheel trying to convert sonic speed random heat molecular motions or vibrations into a single direction wheel spin to get converted into electricity. That was considered almost dreamy wishful nonsense. The sonic speed random molecular heat motions and vibrations would too often knock the ratchet wild, letting the wheel then get knocked to spin the wrong way almost half the time!

Possibly that argument had been partly because technicians weren't then forming special shaped things way down near molecular sizes. But unsurprisingly over time technicians gradually became able to make things better and much smaller, eventually even down near molecular sizes.

So suppose multiple ratchets are put around the wheel. Then when some get randomly knocked uselessly out away from the wheel, it would be likely that at least one of the ratchets would briefly be in place able to halt any unwanted wrong direction spins of the wheel. So the wheel would often get selectively spun in one wanted direction usable for converting into electricity. Then the Fullball world could become importantly self cooled throughout its 3D interior while converting such avg. temperature heat into much needed reusable electricity.

Actually, humans even for centuries had been effectively exploiting some local or altered temperature kinetic heat molecular motions to produce some wanted results. E.g., high enough sonic speed kinetic heat molecular motions in hotter cooked food became usefully destructive to bacteria etc.

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