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Location of God in the human body

This verse ll.2.6 for the ancient Hindu scripture the Mundakopanishad written in the form of Mantras speaks of the location of God in the human body. This verse speaks of the Center of Consciousness in the human body.

Meaning – Where the nadis [channels through which the life energy flows] meet together; the same way as the spokes of a wheel, in this center [the heart]. The Ever-Existent who becomes many lives and moves. Meditate on Him [the Ever-Existent] as Om.May you cross the darkness of ignorance and reach the other shore [ Enlightenment]

अरा इव रथनाभौ संहता यत्र नाडथ:
स एषोऽन्तश्चरते बहुधा जायमानः
ओमित्येवं ध्यायथ ह्यात्मानं
स्वस्ति वः पाराय तमसः परस्तात्

ara iva rathanabhau samhata yatra nadyah
sa esho'ntas carate bahudha jayamanah
om ity evam dhyayatha hy atmanam
svasti vah paraya tamasah parastat

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