Path to Enlightenment

The ancient Hindu scripture the Mundakopanishad gives a clear and precise description of the path to enlightenment.

This text composed in the form of a Mantra, instructs the Sadhak as what his ultimate goal, the path to enlightenment is and the only way in which he can realize it.

I have tried to simplify the description, so that it can be understood by all.

Mundakopanishad – 2.ii.3
Dhanur grhitvaupanisadam mahastram
Saram hy upasanisitam samdadhita
Ayamya tad bhavagatena cetasa
Laksyam tadevaksaram somya viddhi
Just as the archer strings his arrow on his bow and fires it on his target; so also should the Sadhak[one on the path] concentrate all his energies on the ultimate target; Brahman[Ever-Existent].

Mundakopanishad – 2.ii.3
Sarve veda yat padam amananti
Tapamsi sarvani ca yad vadanti
Yad icchanto brahmacaryam caranti
Tatte padam samgrahena bravimi
Om ity etat
The WORD contained in every Veda, the WORD which all the deepest Spiritual texts glorify, for which the Sadhaks observe penance; I will tell you in short; is Om
Mundakopanishad – 2 ii.4
Etaddhyevaksaram brahma ettaddhyevaksaram
Ettaddhyevaksaram jnatva yo yad icchati
Tasya tat
Om the mystical WORD is the bow; the arrow the soul and the Brahman [Ever-Existent] its aim. The one, who will be pierced, is the one whose attention does not falter. The one who will become one with all three, is the one who does not stray from the ultimate goal; Brahman. [what is spoken here is the state of enlightenment or Non Duality].

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  1. dear sir,

    how to use "om" in this path to enlightenment article to silence the mind and connect soul with the word "om"

  2. Deart sir,

    Can you kindly clarify the above-- how do I connect the "om" sound to my soul( bow and arrow) and then how do I use it( shoot it) to silence the mind to connect with god.

    1. The composition asks the Sadhaka to single mindedly focus all his energy on the Om.
      By getting lost in meditation upon Om, the Sadhaka realizes that the Soul, God and Om are all one.


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