Home remedy for Eye Pain

Coriander and the seeds of Coriander are one of the most commonly used ingredients in every day cooking. The use of Coriander is also widespread in Ayurveda and traditional Medicine.

This is one such useful Home Remedy which is practiced to remove Eye Pain; using Coriander Seeds.

About 10 to 20 grams of Coriander Seeds have to be immersed in water. After about half an hour these seeds have to be crushed inside the water itself.

Then this water has to be filtered using a Muslin Cloth, so that no residue remains in the water. Then one has to sprinkle the water over ones eyes. This is said to give relief from Eye Pain.

This remedy is also used in traditional medicine to protect the eyes of those suffering from Small Pox. Sprinkling this water is said to ensues that the infection does not spread to the eyes and the eyes remain safe.

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