Anna Hazare's Masterstroke

Anna Hazare and his Civil Society have played a masterstroke by asking the people not to vote for the Congress in the recently held By-Elections. The true power of Democracy is that even a small percentage swing in votes can change fortunes. The shrewd Anna Hazare realizes it.

Team Anna has shown great foresight in singling out the Congress; more particularly its owner Rahul Gandhi. To Rahul brainwashed since birth that it his birthright to rule India; the fight against corruption in India is just a game.

Rahul sees a long innings for himself as the ruler of India; till the next generation of his family takes over. He sees the Jan-Lokpal movement as nothing but an irritant. This is clear to one and all about his ‘game changer’ speech in Parliament.

Rahul will most probably take over as the Prime Minister some time before the next General Election. This will be accompanied by a barrage of populist schemes and a media overdose.
It is true that singling out the Congress will by default help the only other National Party the B.J.P. This is unavoidable because the B.J.P. on its own is not going to achieve anything; Advani’s Rath Yatra included. The party has been hijacked by the smooth talkers, without any mass base; the ‘Popatlals’. The Popatlals have succeeded in isolating the only capable leader in the party with a mass base Narendra Modi; with the help of the Congress and the J.D.U.

Anna Hazare's masterstroke does not see the ‘Popatlals’ as a major threat. They will give in mutely to all his demands; so that they just cling on to power. He knows that implementation of stronger laws will go a long way in combating looting in India and pave the way for good governance.

I only hope that Baba Ramdev sees the logic behind this and follows the example set by Anna Hazare.Baba Ramdev has a large mass base, particularly in the semi rural and rural parts of the country.

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