Lessons to be learnt from Anna Hazare's fast

Anna Hazare’s 12 day long fast will finally come to an end. After a lot of intrigue and sleaze when the political establishment realized that it could not demoralize Anna Hazare it gave way. This indeed is a landmark victory for the common man and has thrown up some clear lessons to be learnt.

The seemingly gigantic political establishment which holds the nation to ransom can be defeated.

There is still a lot of honest element in the media who know the inside dope and will stand by the people.

This political establishment will try every trick in the book to finish off those who dare to oppose it; including brute force.

It is foolhardy to believe in their assurances, promises are meant to be broken within hours.

No matter what public stance they adopt; at the root all political parties come together to defeat those who challenge status quo; the right to loot.

The debates in parliament are stage managed; it’s all about deals and the pound of flesh each manages to extract.

The very fact that it took so long to pass a dubious forced resolution on the demands of Anna Hazare makes one wonder what is the fate of the Lokpal bill.

Every trick in the book will be tried to dilute and keep loop holes open in the proposed bill. The Bill now goes to the standing committees comprising amongst other distinguished parliamentarians like Lalu Prasad Yadav and Amar Singh.

A lot of parasites who thrive on the leftovers of looters will appear out of the woodwork and defend the looters. They will wax eloquence about the sacred temple of Indian democracy; the parliament. These parasite include amongst others the Business/Industry icons, the veteran journalists, the social activists, the legal luminaries and of course not to forget the aspiring parasite; the smart guys representing young India.

The Civil Society has to watch out for subversion.The looters have evolved a strategy to foist their parasites posing as Civil Society.

And of course last but not least there is the joker in the pack Rahul Gandhi who thinks the Lokpal comes as an irritation in way of his right full legacy ‘ the right to rule India’.

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