Bhagavad-Gita on what Doubt really is

He who is ignorant, wanting in faith, and possesses a doubting mind is ruined; for the doubting man there is neither this nor the other world, nor happiness.

He who has renounced action through Yoga, whose doubts have been destroyed by knowledge, and who is self assured.Oh! Dhananjaya is not bound by action.

Therefore, Oh! Descendant of Bharata, destroying this doubt born of the ignorance of the self and deep rooted in the heart, with the sword of knowledge, become a Yogi and arise.

Thus speaks the Bhagavad-Gita the most Spiritual and deepest of the ancient Hindu religious scriptures in a dialogue between the Ever-Existent and the warrior Arjuna. This is the highest definition of what “Doubt “really is.

Doubt creates a contraction in the life energy or ‘Prana’ circulating in the body. This leads to numerous other sensations like fear, suspicion and jealousy in the body. The natural flow of the life energy is expansion; such feelings hinder the natural flow and lead to lack of life energy; hence such a state is; neither here or there.

The Bhagavad-Gita says that a person in such a state of mind is ruined. Such a state is caused due to lack of deeper knowledge. The Ever-Existent advises Arjuna to overcome doubt through Yoga, he advises Arjuna to become a Yogi and live in a state of perpetual happiness.

Here Yoga has to be understood in the proper context. The Yoga the Ever-Existent advises is the one of selfless action. The action which is separated from the end results; the fruit. This is the highest kind of action.

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