The real meaning of Spirituality

Spirituality is easily one of the most discussed and debated topics on the net. Spirituality has more often than not described as ‘that spontaneous urge to find the ultimate reality”. Since time immemorial the Spiritual person has been looked upon as something different, some see him as being abnormal or some sort of a novelty.

These misconceptions arise because most people fail to realize what spirituality really is. They tend to differentiate between spirituality and science. While debating spirituality, the most common argument heard is that the arguments of spirituality are not backed by some scientific proof or theory.

Most aspects of the paranormal like Past Life studies and the practice of Non Duality fall within the broader definition of the Spiritual. The Spiritual is an all encompassing term; it includes all that one visualizes but does not see with the normal vision; but with the inner.

Whereas science is a step by step method based on proof and study to arrive at a definite conclusion, spirituality eliminates the numerous steps. Here you need to ponder over these questions.

What is the ultimate step in scientific advancement?

Where will scientific advancement end?

The answer is quite simple when it discovers the source of all.

Finding the source of all is the ultimate goal of the Spiritualist, the methods might be different but the path is the same. Here the Yogi, the meditator, the Non- Dualist all seek to merge their consciousness into the source. But is it the source? I am reminded of the advice given be Adi Shankara when he said that it is only the fool who thinks that there is nothing that lies beyond Non-Duality.

Non- Duality is not the end source; it is just one of the layers which lead to the source. The source is infinity; how can infinity be discovered. If discovered, would it not be the finite. So the question arises how can science ultimately discover the source of all. How can infinity be capped?

The mind is such an instrument that it can travel anywhere. It has no boundaries, no limitations; nothing can stop it from going where it pleases.Yes the mind if it wants to; can reach the source; If it can, is the mind the source of all? Yes most spiritualists will tell you that it is the fragment of the source, with its limitations, and what the spiritualist is doing is to overcome these limitations.

Where the mere proof and theory of science will never go; the mind will. But is not science also a part of the mind? Yes, but only a part. Many people with good intentions speak of science and spirituality coming together. The will happen when science dissolves into the biggest science-The science of spirituality. What do you think?

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  1. Please help me with this question: When we die from this physical world(Earth) we go to astral spiritual world anyway so then why do we need to try to connect with the spiritual world here when we are in the physical earth world, all this meditation etc., why do it ? Isn't it that all we should do is live a good life, loving everyone and helping others so that we get good karma which will allow us to be in the upper levels of the astral world. In the upper Astral world we can see the spiritual world easily whereas we cannot see it from the physical world. So again, after death from physical world we automatically go to the spiritual world where we can see the bigger picture of ultimate reality and so we should try for spiritual growth there after we die from physical world. My question is why go crazy over trying to find spirituality here on earth where its almost impossible to find/acquire.

    1. Come to think of it this way, the movement of the Soul, in life after life, including lives in the astral world can be compared to the journey of a commercial product as it makes its way forward on the assembly line towards ending up as the finished product.
      The final destination or the true nature of the Soul could be that of the Supreme Being or the Ever-Existent.


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