The seven states towards Nirvana

Ancient Hindu spiritualism has defined the seven states in the process leading towards liberation or the ultimate Nirvana. Here one state spontaneously leads towards the next.

Subeccha – the desire from the bottom of the heart to expand and to gain spiritual knowledge and to ultimately find liberation.

Vicharan - contemplation and trying to find the right path towards Spiritual expansion and upliftment. This may be through various practices of meditation or even yogic exercises like pranayama.This may be even a natural mental state without the use of conventional yoga and meditation.

Tanumansi – The next stage after contemplation is to make the mind alert and free from delusion so as to perceive what the divine really stands for. The mind in this state becomes clear and knows what it wants.

Satwapatti - the serenity of the mind. In this state the mind becomes clear and calm and can easily focus on the end goal of seeking the divine and then ultimately become one with it.

- detaching the mind from material pursuits and channeling the infinite energy of the mind towards mental elevation.

Padarth Bhavana
- the perception of the truth and reality. In this state the mind perceives a true picture of reality

Turya – liberation the light at the end of the tunnel; Spiritual Illumination. Some may call this state, the state of Non Duality.

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